Beko DCX93150W DCY9313W DCY9316G DCY9316W DTGC7000B Dryer Heater Element Genuine


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Beko Tumble Dryer Heater Heating Element 2976680200

Complete Heating Element + Thermostats Assembly

 Part Number: 2976680200

(PLEASE NOTE Due to some models using more than one type of element with different connectors we advise customers checking old element before ordering)

Power: 1600W + 700W
plug + play unit Assembly including all thermostats and connector leads

 Fits models:

DTGC7000W, DTGC8000W, DTGC8011W, DTGC8001W, DCX71100W, DCX71100S, DTGC7000S, DTGC8000B, DTGC8011B, DTGC7000B, DCX83100B, DCB93166B, DCB93166R, DTGC9100W, DCJ83133W, DCX83100W, DCY9316W, DCB93166W, DCR93161W, DCX93150W, DCY9313W, DCY9316G