Cooker Hood Filters

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  • AEG, Electrolux, Tricity Bendix, Zanussi Carbon Charcoal Cooker Hood Filter EFF54 - 50294677005

    AEG, Electrolux, Tricity Bendix, Zanussi Carbon Charcoal Cooker Hood Filter EFF54 - 50294677005

    £7.99 £14.99
    50290656003, 50294677005, 9029793776, EFF54 AEG: 120D-B, 120D-M, 120D-W, 860DB, 860DM, 860DW, 8609DM, DL600N PROFI LINE, DL600SW BLACK LINE, DL600W Electrolux: CK2320/60, CK2320/80, CK2320/80, CK2320/90, DAEFT513BR, DAEFT513BR, DAEFT513WE, DAEFT513WE, EFI625G, EFI630G, EFT605B, EFT605B, EFT605W, EFT605W, EFT610B, EFT610B, EFT610W, EFT610W, EFT615B, EFT615W, EFT615X, EFT623, EFT623B, EFT6500W, EFT6500X, EFT927B, EFT927K, EFT927W, EPHOODBR, EPHOODWH, EX60B Firenzi: FIH640GR Tricity Bendix: CH520B, CH520W, CH550B, CH550W, CH605B, CH605W, CH610W, CH650B, CH650B, CH650W, CH650W, TBH630BL, TBH630WH, TBH630X Zanussi: CH250B, CH250W, CHI6029B-52, CHI6029B-52, CHI6029B-W52, EFS611, NH621W, NW9902, NW9902, ZB350B, ZB350SV, ZB350W, ZB7602, ZBW765, ZF601W, ZF602W, ZH280G, ZH5210B, ZH5210B, ZH5210B2, ZH5210W, ZH5210W, ZH5210X, ZH5220B, ZH5220B, ZH5220B2, ZH5220W, ZH5220W4, ZH5220X, ZH6010B.I, ZH6010B/E, ZH6010B2, ZH6010N.I, ZH6010N2, ZH6010N2, ZH6010W, ZH6010W.I, ZH6010W.I, ZH6010W/E, ZH6010W2, ZH6010W4, ZH6010X.I, ZH6011W/E, ZH6014N, ZH6014N, ZH6014W, ZH6014W, ZH6014X, ZH6014X, ZH6020B, ZH6020B, ZH6020B2, ZH6020B3, ZH6020B3, ZH6020N, ZH6020N, ZH6020N/E, ZH6020W, ZH6020W, ZH6020W/E, ZH6020W2, ZH6020W3, ZH6020W3, ZH6020W4, ZH6020X, ZH6020X, ZH6020X, ZH6021B, ZH6021B, ZH6021B2, ZH6021W, ZH6021W, ZH6021W2, ZH7020X, ZH7633BR, ZH7933, ZH9020B, ZH9020B, ZH9020B, ZH9020B, ZH9020B3, ZH9020B3, ZH9020N, ZH9020N, ZH9020N, ZH9020N, ZH9020W, ZH9020W, ZH9020W, ZH9020W, ZH9020W3, ZH9020W3, ZH9020X, ZH9020X, ZH9020X, ZH9020X, ZH9020X, ZH9021B, ZH9021W, ZH9021W, ZH9024X, ZH9024X, ZHC925X, ZHI611G, ZHI621G, ZHN6001N, ZHN6001N, ZHN758, ZHN768MF, ZHP510 W4, ZHP610 W4, ZHP610N, ZHP610NX, ZHP610W, ZHP622N, ZHP622NX, ZHP622W, ZHT559B, ZHT559W, ZHT6021X, ZHT611N, ZHT611W, ZHT621B, ZHT621N, ZHT621W, ZHT621W, ZHT658B, ZHT658N, ZHT658W, ZHT659B, ZHT659N, ZHT659W, ZHW725, ZHW755, ZHW7581, ZHW759, ZHW7633, ZHW768MF, ZHW7933
  • Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit F233 Carbon Charcoal Cooker Hood Filter  - C00090701

    Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit F233 Carbon Charcoal Cooker Hood Filter - C00090701

    £7.99 £19.99
    FIL157, FLT3806, C00090701, F233 Ariston: 60B, 90G-GB, A2041, A2042, AHGF, AHIF, AHIF35, AHIF35.E(MT), AHIF35MTUK, C60, C60BW, C60W, C61BW, C61BWNUK, C61W, C61WUK, C90, CA60, CA60G-GB, CA60W-GB, K60, K60BW, K60BWUK, MF60, MFILT.60, SP52M, SP55/2M Creda: 45003, 45004, 45011, 45012, 45014, 45015, 45016, 45019, 45102, 45103, 45104, 45105, 45106, 45201, 45202, 45203, 45204, 45205 Hotpoint: 6710B, 6710P, 6711B, 6711P, 6722B, 6722P, 6723B, 6723P, 6731B, 6731P, 6732B, 6732P, 6733B, 6733P, 6796B, 6796P, BH31B, BH31P Indesit: HI160(BK), HI160(WH), HI160IX, HI260, HI260.E Jackson: 25003, 25004, 25015, 25016 Moffat: MCH660B, MCH660W, MCH660X, MCH662G
  • Diplomat, Howden, Hygena, Schreiber Carbon Charcoal Cooker Vent Hood Extractor Filter - CARBFILT2

    Diplomat, Howden, Hygena, Schreiber Carbon Charcoal Cooker Vent Hood Extractor Filter - CARBFILT2

    £7.99 £14.99
    08999925, 08999567, 12808999925, FLT3477, APL2110, APL2110, APL2111, APL2111, APL2120, APL2120, APL2121, APL2121, APL2190, APL2190, APL2210, APL2210, APL2220, APL2220, APL2310, APL2310, APL2410, APL2410,APL2412, APL2412, APL2413, APL2413, APL2420, APL2420, APL2422, APL2422,APL2742, APL2742, APL2744, APL2744, APL2745, APL2745, APL2746, APL2746,APL2747, APL2747, APL2752, APL2752, APL2762, APL2762, APL2772, APL2772,APM2111, APM2111, APM2121, APM2121, APM2210, APM2210, APM2211, APM2211, APM2213, APM2213, APM2222, APM2222, APM2223, APM2223, APM2295, APM2295, APM2310, APM2310, APM2312, APM2312, APM2320, APM2320, APM2510, APM2510,APM2511, APM2511, APM2520, APM2520, APM2521, APM2521, APM2550, APM2550,APM2590, APM2590, APM2591, APM2591, APM2592, APM2592, APP2300, APP2300, APP2310, APP2310, Diplomat HJA2460, Schreiber SCH2420, Howden HJA2500
  • Universal Cooker Oven Extactor Grease Hood Filter Cut To Size 114 x 47cm

    Universal Cooker Oven Extactor Grease Hood Filter Cut To Size 114 x 47cm

    £2.99 £5.99
    FLT3445, BAUKNECHT: DE1360BR, DE1360WS, DE1361, DE1631BR, DE2360BR, DE2360BR, DE2360WS, DE3361GBBR, DE3361GBWS, DE3361NB, DE3361SG, DEH1460, DEHI2650WS, DF2360BR, DF2360WS, DF3360BR, DF3360SW, DF3360WH, DFG1360WS, DFG2361/BR, DFG2361/WS, DFG3360BR, DFG3360SW, DFG3360WH, DFG3360WS, DL1350, DL2350BR, DL2350WS, DL3352BR, DL3352NB, DL3352SG, DL3352WS, DLH1550, DLH1550WS, DLH2650/BR, DLH2650/WS, DNH1660, DSH1460, DSH1460WS, DSH1600 FIRENZI: CON915ME, INT916/GY, INT916BR, INT916WH IGNIS: AKF418BR, AKF419WH, AKF420BR, AKF420BR, AKF420GY-1, AKF420WH, AKF420WH, AKF429WH, AKF433/WH/IG, AKF434/NB/IG, AKF434/NB/IG, AKF434/WH/IG, AKF434/WH/IG, AKS606AV, AKS606BR, AKS606IX, AKS606IX, AKS606WH, AKS606WH, AKS612BR, AKS612WH, AKS645/AR, AKS645/GR, AKS645BR, AKS645WH, AKS646BR, AKS646WH IKEA: 50018229 INTEGRA: AKF420/GY-1, AKS646GY, AKS646GY, AKS646GY MAGNET: CH709BR, CH709WH, IH707/1BR, IH707/1WH PHILIPS: AKG754BR, AKG754WH PHILIPS WHIRLPOOL: AKB06205/BR, AKB06205/WH, AKB063/05BR, AKB063/05BR, AKB063/05WH, AKB063/5WH, AKB063/WH, AKB063BR, AKB089BR, AKB089PH/BV, AKB089PH/WH, AKG754PH/BV, AKG754PH/WH, AKG757/PH/WH, AKG757PH/BV, AKG758PH/BV, AKG758PH/BV, AKG758PH/WH, AKG758PH/WH, AKG761PH/BR, AKG761PH/WH, AKG762/WH/WP, AKG762WH, AKG763PH/BV, AKG763PH/WH, AKG765PH/BV, AKG765PH/WH, AKG768PH/BR, AKG768PH/WH, AKG771PH/WH, AKG771PW/BR, AKG772WH, AKG950/NB, AKG950/WH, AKG958PW/BR, AKG958PW/WH, AKG986BR RAM PROGRAM 2000 (WHIRLPOOL): APBRBE/1, APBRIE/1, APGRBE/1, APWHBE/1, APWHIE/1 SYSTEM 600 (WHIRLPOOL): BCH830/BR, BCH830/WH, BIH832/BR, BIH832/WH, CY625BR, CY625WH, IH607/1BR, IH607/1WH, IH607BV-RAM, IH607WH-RAM, IH707BV, IH707WH, TH630PH, TH630PH/BV, TH630PH/WH, TH630WH WHIRLPOOL: AKB062/AV/WP, AKB063PW/BR, AKB063PW/WH, AKB067/02BR, AKB067/02WH, AKB085/GY, AKB085GY, AKB086/IX, AKB089/03PW, AKB089/03PW, AKB089/WH/WP, AKB089WH, AKF429AV, AKF429NB, AKG754AV, AKG754WH, AKG759/BR/WP, AKG759/BR/WP, AKG759/WH/WP, AKG759/WH/WP, AKG761BR, AKG761WH, AKG762/BR/WP, AKG762PH/BV, AKG766AV, AKG766WH, AKG767BR, AKG767BR, AKG767BR, AKG767WH, AKG767WH, AKG767WH, AKG768/BR/WP, AKG768/WH/WP, AKG768GY, AKG768NB, AKG770BR, AKG775/BR/WP, AKG775/WH/WP, AKG950WH, AKG957/NB, AKG958/1BR, AKG958/1WH, AKG958/BR/WP, AKG958/WH/WP, AKG958GY, AKG958GY, AKG958NB, AKG970AV, AKG970AV, AKG970WH, AKG970WH, AKG986BR, AKG986WH, AKG986WH, AKG990/BR/WP, AKG990/WH/WP, AKG990AV, AKG990BR/WP, AKG990WH, AKG990WH/WP, AKR410AV, AKR410IX, AKR410WH, AKR420GY-1, AKR610BR, AKR610IX, AKR610WH, AKR610WH, AKR613BR, AKR613SW, AKR613WH, AKR620/AV, AKR620NB, AKR620WH, AKR630WH, AKR632/NB, AKR632/WH WHIRLPOOL GENERATION 2000: G2PCHC/GY, G2PCHI/GY, G2PCHI/GY, G2PCHISR/GY, G2PCHV/BR, G2PCHV/GR, G2PCHV/SS, G2PCHV/WH, G2PCHV1/BR, G2PCHV1/SS, G2PCHV1/WH WRIGHTON: WIH218/1BR, WIH218/1WH, WIH218BR, WIH218WH, WMH216BR, WMH216WH