Lazer Electrics Rubber Door Seal Gasket for Bosch Siemens Washing Machine WFO, WFR, WFX Range 361127

Product code: Lazer10174
DBT92, 361127, Bosch: SGS43A22UK/01, WAE24162GB/03, WAE24162UK/01, WAE2416SGB/01, WAE2416SGB/04, WAE24260GB/01, WAE24465EP/01, WAE24465GB/01, WAE24465GB/03, WAE24465GB/05, WAE24465OE/01, WAE24467GB/05, WAE24467UK/01, WAE24467UK/10, WAE2446BGB/08, WAE2446SGB/01, WAE2446SGB/08, WAE2446SGB/12, WAE28162GB/03, WAE28162GB/05, WAE28363GB/02, WAE28465GB/01, WAE28465GB/03, WAE28465GB/05, WAE28467GB/05, WAE28467GB/07, WAE28467UK/11, WFC2465GB/01, WFC2466GB/01, WFC2467GB/10, WFC246CGB/06, WFC246CGB/08, WFD2072GB/05, WFD2471GB/01, WFD2471GB/08, WFL2000UK/01, WFL2062GB/12, WFL2066GB/06, WFL2066GB/08, WFL2067GB/01, WFL2067GB/16, WFL2067GB/17, WFL2260GB/01, WFL2260UK/01, WFL2260UK/04, WFL2450GB/01, WFL2450UK/04, WFL2463GB/12, WFL2860GB/01, WFL2872GB/01, WFL2872GB/05, WFO2064GB/01, WFO2260GB/01, WFO2264GB/01, WFO2265GB/01, WFO2460GB/01, WFO2460SG/01, WFO2464GB/01, WFO2465GB/01, WFO2466GB/01, WFO2466GB/07, WFO2467GB/01, WFO2467GB/15, WFO2473EE/17, WFO2840EU/23, WFO2851FG/08, WFO285SGB/01, WFO285SGB/08, WFO2860/01, WFO2860GB/01, WFO2864GB/01, WFO2865GB/01, WFO2865GB/08, WFO2865UK/01, WFO2866GB/07, WFO2867GB/16, WFO2880/08, WFR145SGB/05, WFR145SGB/11, WFR2460GB/01, WFR2466GB/01, WFR267S/04, WFR2860GB/01, WFR2866GB/01, WFR2867GB/01, WFR2867UK/01, WFR2867UK/04, WFR2867UK/05, WFR2868GB/05, WFR2869GB/05, WFR2869GB/11, WFR2869GB/13, WFR3267GB/01, WFR3267GB/04, WFR3267GB/05, WFR3268GB/05, WFR3269GB/05, WFR3269GB/09, WFR3269GB/11, WFR3269GB/12, WFT2400DD/13, WFX145SGB/01, WFX145SGB/10, WFX145SGB/11, WFX148SGB/11, WFX148SGB/15, WFX148SGB/20, WFX148SGB/24, WFX2467GB/01, WFX2467GB/06, WFX2467GB/09, WFX2467GB/10, WFX2468GB/01, WFX2468GB/20, WFX2468GB/23, WFX2468GB/24, WFX2468GB/25, WFX2867GB/01, WFX2867GB/06, WFX2867GB/09, WFX2867GB/10, WFX2868GB/01, WFX2868GB/20, WFX2868GB/24, WFX2868GB/25, WFX2868GB/26, WFX3267GB/01, WFX3267GB/03, WFX3267GB/10, WFX3267GB/11, WFX3268GB/11, WFX3268GB/15, WFX3268GB/16, WFX3268GB/20, WFX3268GB/23, WLX24162GB/10, WLX24162GB/15, WLX24162GB/18, WTA3003GB/17 Siemens: WIQ1430/01, WIQ1430EU/01, WIQ1430EU/02, WIQ1430GB/01, WIQ1433GB/01, WIQ1433GB/02, WIQ1434GB/03, WIQ1435GB/01, WIQ1435GB/05, WIQ1630/01, WIQ1632GB/01, WIQ1633GB/01, WIQ1633GB/02, WIQ1634GB/03, WIQ1635GB/01, WIQ1635GB/05, WIQ1635GB/06, WIQ1834GB/01, WIQ1835GB/01, WXL120GB/01, WXL125SGB/01, WXL132GB/01, WXL140GB/01, WXL1420/01, WXL142GB/01, WXL142GB/08, WXL147AGB/18, WXLM112GB/04, WXLM122GB/04, WXLM1260GB/27, WXLM146AGB/03, WXLM148AGB/14, WXLM148AUK/19, WXLM166AGB/08, WXLM166AGB/10, WXLM168AGB/15, WXLP140A/20, WXLP1430FG/01, WXLP145AGB/01, WXLP145AGB/10, WXLP145AGB/11, WXLP145AGB/15, WXLP146AGB/15, WXLP146AGB/20, WXLP146AGB/24, WXLP146AGB/26, WXLP165AGB/01, WXLP165AGB/03, WXLP165AGB/10, WXLP166AGB/11, WXLP166AGB/15, WXLP166AGB/20, WXLP166AGB/23, WXLS122GB/01, WXLS122GB/04, WXLS122GB/05, WXLS1230FG/01, WXLS140GB/01, WXLS142GB/01, WXLS1430FG/01, WXLS143GB/01, WXLS143GB/04, WXLS143GB/05, WXLS162GB/01, WXLS162GB/04, WXLS162GB/05, WXLS1630NL/05 Neff: B1451N1GB/07, U1661N0GB/02 Door Gasket Seal
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Product information

Lazer Electrics Rubber Door Seal Gasket for Bosch Siemens Washing Machine WFO, WFR, WFX Range 361127

Suitable to fit:
Neff B U Series

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Technical specifications

Brand Lazer Electrics
Code Lazer10174
Condition New
Weight 0.9kg


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