LAZER ELECTRICS Universal Tumble Dryer Indoor Condenser Vent Kit Box With Hose For White Knight Beko

Product code: Lazer824
ARISTON: A35V(EX)PAI, A35VEX, A35VEX60, A35VEXAUS, A35VEXPAI, A36VEX, A36VSK, ALE60VFR, AS60VEX, AS60VEX60, AS60VEXPAI, AS60VSK, AS60VXAUS, ASL60VEX, D1000, D1000, RD2000, RD2000, RD700 ASPES SA115, SA151, SA251, SA53, SA53E BAUER 37723 BLUESKY BSL55PE BOMANN 37733, TR977A BOSCH WTA2000GB/01 BRANDT 37784, 37793, EFU101E, EFU301E BROTHER 37615I, TL52PI CAPLE TDI100 CDA CI920WH CLATRONIC 37601, 37710, 37711, TS12PX, WT401, WT5010, WT5010V, WT5011V COOKERS (HOMARK) BTD600, BTD600 CREDA 37281, 37281030AL, 37281040CL, 37283, 37283068EL, 37284, 37285, 37285057CL, 37285M001Q, 37294, 37295, 37297, 37303, 37303031AC, 37303053CC, 37304610BL, 37304613BL, 37304621BL, 37304622BL, 37304625DL, 37305, 37305038CL, 37305051CL, 37305058CL, 37305062CL, 37305070EL, 37306047CL, 37308, 37311015AL, 37311039CL, 37311052CL, 37314048CL, 37315, 37324, 37324002FL, 37325001EL, 37325002EC, 37325003EL, 37327, 37328, 37333, 373450001Q, 37374, 37374Y, 37375, 37376, 37377, 37378, 37381, 37382, 37415, 37455M001Q, 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Product information


Each kit contains:
1 x Condenser Box
1 x Extendable Hose (102mm Diameter X 1.20m)

This tumble dryer vent kit allows connection of a vented tumble dryer without opening windows or drilling holes in the wall.

This kit greatly reduces the buildup of dust and lint on nearby walls and minimizes condensation in the room.

Suitable for all tumble dryers that use the standard 4" (102mm) Outlet & the following makes:
Hotpoint, Creda, Crosslee, White Knight, Beko, Amica, Ariston, Bosch, Indesit, Whirlpool & Many More


Any purchase paid before 1pm, we will aim to dispatch the same day but could take up to 24 hours

Please note, the image in the advert is just for illustration and item may vary!

Technical specifications

Brand Lazer Electrics
Code Lazer824
Condition New
Weight 0.6kg
EAN 3922728595194


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