20 Premium Quality Microfibre HyClean Filter Dust Bags For Miele FJM Vacuum's

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MIELE FJM Compatible High Filteration Type Hoover VACUUM DUST BAGS x 20 Pack

20 x FJM Type Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Dust Bags + Filters For Miele Cat & Dog

Compatible Miele microfibre vacuum dust bags

Premium quality bags of super filtration microfibre and smart red collars that prevent the dust spilling out

20 x High filtration microfibre dust bags

8 x Pre motor super air clean filter

Fits the following models:
S6000 Series
S241 To S256i
S290 To S291
S300 To S399
S500 To S578
S700 To S758
S4000 To S4999
Cat & Dog Except TT5000
S1400 S2000

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