Beko CA6017 CDA644 CDA645 Clear Refrigerator Fridge Freezer Flap Drawer Front


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Beko Clear Refrigerator Fridge Freezer Flap Drawer Front Spare Part

Replacement Compartment Cover Flap For Beko Freezers - Please note that this basket front will not fit the top compartment - Measurements: 448mm x 190mm approx

Genuine Part Number: 4331791700

Will fit the following models: CA6017S CA6017W CDA644S CDA644W CDA645FS CDA645FS/1 CDA645FW CDA645FW/1 CDA646S CDA646W CDA647FS/1 CDA647FW/1 CDA647S CDA647W CDA648FS/1 CDA648FW CDA648FW/1 CDA648S CDA650S CDA650W CDA650X CDA653FB CDA653FB/1 CDA653FS CDA653FS/1 CDA653FW CDA653FW/1 CDA653FX CDA653FX/1 CDA658FS CDA658FW CDA659FS CDA659FS/1 CDA659FW CDA659FW/1 TZA6016FFS TZA6016FFW TZDA627FS TZDA627FW TZDA629FS TZDA629FW TZDA629FX TZDA661W