Drain Outlet Waste Hose for Hotpoint Washing Machines 19mm / 32mm 1.6m C00112655


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Drain Outlet Waste Hose for Hotpoint Washing Machines 19mm / 32mm 1.6m C00112655


Compatible Hotpoint Drain Outlet Waste Hose - 19mm / 32mm

Equivalent to: C00112655 1601974 1603297

Will fit the following models: 6240B 6240P 9506W 9536PX 9536WX 9567PX BW61B BW61P FEW10P FEW12P SCR11P SCR33N SCR33P SCR33S SCR33YS SCR34N SCR34P SCR34S SCR35N SCR35P SCR35S SCR36N SCR36P SCR36S SCR37N SCR37P SCR37S SCR38N SCR38P SCR38S SCR61N SCR61P SCR61S SCR61YS SCR62N SCR62P SCR62S SCR63N SCR63P SCR63S WD21P WD22A WD22P WD22W WD23A WD23P WD23W WD31A WD31P WD31W WD32A WD32P WD32W WD41A WD41P WD41W WD420G WD420P WD420T WD42B WD42P WD43A WD43P WD43W WD440G WD440P WD51A WD51P WD51W WD52P WD61H WD61N WD61P WD61S WD61T WD61U WD61X WD62N WD62P WD62S WD62X WD63N WD63P WD63S WD640G WD640P WD640T WD645A WD64N WD64P WD64S WD71N WD71P WD71S WD71X WD71YS WD72N WD72P WD72S WD860G WD860P WD860T WD865A WDM73A WF000G WF000P WF000T WF100G WF100P/SC WF100P/WE WF210G WF210P WF210T WF215A WF220G WF220P WF220T WF225A WF240P WF250G WF250P WF310G/SC WF310P/SC WF310T/SC WF320G/SC WF320P/SC WF320T/SC WF325A/SC WF340G/SC WF340P/SC WF350G WF350P WF355A WF430G WF430P WF430T WF440G WF440P WF445A WF530G/SC WF530P/SC WF530T/SC WF540G/SC WF540P/SC WF540T/SC WF545A WF545A/SC WF560P WF620G WF620P WF620T WF630G WF630P WF640G WF640P WF640T WF645A WF720P/SC WF730G/SC WF730P/SC WF740G/SC WF740P/SC WF740T/SC WF745A/SC WF760P WF840G WF840P WF840T WF860G WF860P WF860T WF865A WM11P WM11W WM12A WM12P WM12W WM13A WM13P WM13W WM14A WM14P WM14W WM19P WM20A WM20P WM20W WM21P WM21W WM22A WM22P WM22W WM23A WM23P WM23W WM24A WM24P WM24W WM25A WM25P WM25W WM26A WM26P WM26W WM29P WM31A WM31P WM31W WM32A WM32P WM32W WM33A WM33P WM33W WM34A WM34P WM34W WM35A WM35P WM35W WM36A WM36P WM36W WM38P WM41A WM41P WM41PE WM41W WM42B WM42P WM43A WM43P WM43W WM51A WM51P WM51W WM52A WM52P WM52W WM53A WM53P WM53W WM54P WM55P WM56P WM60P WM60PE


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