EFF54 Carbon Charcoal Filters for Electrolux Cooker Hood 9029793776 x2

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Carbon Charcoal Vent Filters for Electrolux Cooker Hood x2


Premium quality compatible replacement filter for your cooker hood

2 Pack

Measurements: 232mm x 34mm Approx

EFF54 Type

Please note due to some of these models using more than one type we advise customers to check against gallery images and dimensions before ordring

Fits Models:

CH250B CH250W CHI6029B-52 CHI6029B-52 CHI6029B-W52 EFS611 NH621W NW9902 NW9902 ZB350B ZB350SV ZB350W ZB7602 ZBW765 ZF601W ZF602W ZH280G ZH5210B ZH5210B ZH5210B2 ZH5210W ZH5210W ZH5210X ZH5220B ZH5220B ZH5220B2 ZH5220W ZH5220W4 ZH5220X ZH6010B.I ZH6010B/E ZH6010B2 ZH6010N.I ZH6010N2 ZH6010N2 ZH6010W ZH6010W.I ZH6010W.I ZH6010W/E ZH6010W2 ZH6010W4 ZH6010X.I ZH6011W/E ZH6014N ZH6014N ZH6014W ZH6014W ZH6014X ZH6014X ZH6020B ZH6020B ZH6020B2 ZH6020B3 ZH6020B3 ZH6020N ZH6020N ZH6020N/E ZH6020W ZH6020W ZH6020W/E ZH6020W2 ZH6020W3 ZH6020W3 ZH6020W4 ZH6020X ZH6020X ZH6020X ZH6021B ZH6021B ZH6021B2 ZH6021W ZH6021W ZH6021W2 ZH7020X ZH7633BR ZH7933 ZH9020B ZH9020B ZH9020B ZH9020B ZH9020B3 ZH9020B3 ZH9020N ZH9020N ZH9020N ZH9020N ZH9020W ZH9020W ZH9020W ZH9020W ZH9020W3 ZH9020W3 ZH9020X ZH9020X ZH9020X ZH9020X ZH9020X ZH9021B ZH9021W ZH9021W ZH9024X ZH9024X ZHC925X ZHI611G ZHI621G ZHN6001N ZHN6001N ZHN758 ZHN768MF ZHP510 W4 ZHP610 W4 ZHP610N ZHP610NX ZHP610W ZHP622N ZHP622NX ZHP622W ZHT559B ZHT559W ZHT6021X ZHT611N ZHT611W ZHT621B ZHT621N ZHT621W ZHT621W ZHT658B ZHT658N ZHT658W ZHT659B ZHT659N ZHT659W ZHW725 ZHW755 ZHW7581 ZHW759 ZHW7633 ZHW768MF ZHW7933

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