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For Bosch Neff DISHWASHER lower basket WHEELS 35mm x 2 066320

For Bosch Neff DISHWASHER lower basket WHEELS 35mm x 2 066320

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Bosch Neff DISHWASHER lower basket WHEELS 35mm x 2


BOSCH NEFF SIEMENS DISHWASHER BASKET WHEELSEquivalent to: 0663202 PackWill fit the following models:BOSCH:0730100613 0730100650 195301994 S3130W0 S3132F0 S3132W0 S4130F0 S4132F0 S4132W0 S4133F0 S4133W0 S5M47B SGS4012GB/13 SGS5312GB/12 SHV43A03GB/17 SMI2011 SMI2012 SMI2012GB/11 SMI2012GB/11 SMI2021 SMI2021GB/01 SMI2021GB/03 SMI2022 SMI2022GB/03 SMI2031 SMI2032 SMI2032GB/11 SMI4040 SMI4042 SMI4046FF/17 SMI4702 SMI4705 SMI4706 SMI5502CD/01 SMI5502CD/03 SMI5502CD/05 SMI5505CD/05 SMI5506CD/01 SMI5506CD/03 SMI5506CD/05 SMI6022GB/03 SMI6702CD/01 SMI6702CD/02 SMI6702CD/03 SMI6702CD/09 SMI6706CD/01 SMI6706CD/02 SMI6706CD/03 SMI6706CD/09 SMS2012 SMS2012GB/03 SMS3022CD/14 SMS3042GB SMS3042GB/03 SMS4012 SMS4012GB/01 SMS4012GB/03 SMS4042GB SMS41025/00 SMS41025/01 SMS4452GB/01 SMS4452GB/14 SMS4452GB/14 SMS4472GB/14 SMS4472GB/20 SMS4472GB/20 SMS4482GB/14 SMS4700/01 SMS4700/02 SMS4700/03 SMS4700/09 SMS4702/01 SMS4702/02 SMS4702/03 SMS4702/09 SMS4702CD/02 SMS4702CD/03 SMS4702CD/09 SMS4702DK/03 SMS4702DK/04 SMS4702DK/08 SMS4702DK/09 SMS4702EU/01 SMS4702EU/02 SMS4702EU/03 SMS4702EU/09 SMS4702FF/02 SMS4702FF/03 SMS4702FF/09 SMS5011GB/03 SMS5012GB/01 SMS5012GB/08 SMS5058GB/01 SMS5522CD/02 SMS5522CD/03 SMS5522CD/05 SMS6012GB SMS6012GB/14 SMS6012GB/14 SMS603 SMS6032GB SMS6032GB/11 SMS6032GB/14 SMS6032GB/20 SMS6702CD/01 SMS6702CD/02 SMS6702CD/03 SMS6702CD/09 SMS6702GB/03 SMS6702GB/04 SMS6702GB/09 SMS9022GB/14 SMS9022GB/14 SMU5522CD/01 SMU5522CD/03 SMU5522CD/05 SMV4403GB/20 SMV5503 SMV5503CD/01 SMV5503GB/01 SMV5503GB/05 SN23300 SN23313 SN25314 SN28303 SN29350 SN53200 SPI2435/03 SPI2435/04 SPI2435/05 SPI2460/06 SPI2462/06 SPI2465/06 SPI2466/06 SPI4430/04 SPI4430/06 SPI4432/04 SPI4432/06 SPI4435/04 SPI4435/06 SPI4436/04 SPI4436/06 SPI4460/06 SPI4462/06 SPI4465/06 SPI4466/06 SPI4650/06 SPI4652/06 SPI4655/06 SPI4656/06 SPI5011JP/09 SPI5011JP/10 SPI5012JP/09 SPI5012JP/10 SPI5086JP/01 SPI5320JJ/09 SPI5320JK/09 SPI5322JJ/09 SPI5322JK/09 SPI5430/01 SPI5430/02 SPI5430/03 SPI5430/04 SPI5432/01 SPI5432/02 SPI5432/03 SPI5432/04 SPI5436/01 SPI5436/02 SPI5436/03 SPI5436/04 SPI6011JP/09 SPI6011JP/10 SPI6012JP/09 SPI6012JP/10 SPI6024/09 SPI6024/11 SPI6024/13 SPI6326FF/09 SPI6430/01 SPI6430/03 SPI6430/04 SPI6430/05 SPI6432/01 SPI6432/03 SPI6432/04 SPI6432/05 SPI6432CH/01 SPI6432CH/03 SPI6432CH/04 SPI6432CH/05 SPI6435/01 SPI6435/03 SPI6435/04 SPI6435/05 SPI6436CH/01 SPI6436CH/03 SPI6436CH/04 SPI6436CH/05 SPI6460/06 SPI6462/06 SPI6465/06 SPS2011JM/10 SPS2011JP/10 SPS2012TC/10 SPS2012TC/11 SPS2402EU/18 SPS2402II/18 SPS2422CH/04 SPS2422CH/06 SPS2452/01 SPS2452/03 SPS2452/04 SPS2462/06 SPS2462AU/04 SPS2462CH/06 SPS2462DK/06 SPS2462GB/18 SPS2462GB/19 SPS2462TC/04 SPS3047/07 SPS3047/11 SPS3047/13 SPS3452/06 SPS4462/06 SPS4472/06 SPS5011JP/10 SPS5018JP/07 SPS5028/13 SPS5032II/01 SPS5032II/11 SPS5092/19 SPS51225/11 SPS51225/13 SPS5122CH/13 SPS5122IL/13 SPS5430/01 SPS5430/03 SPS5430/04 SPS5432/01 SPS5432/03 SPS5432/04 SPS5432CH/01 SPS5432CH/03 SPS5432CH/06 SPS5432II/01 SPS5432II/03 SPS5440/04 SPS5442/04 SPS5442GB/04 SPS5442GB/06 SPS5450/06 SPS5452/06 SPS5460/06 SPS5462/06 SPS5462GB/18 SPS5462GB/18 SPS5462GB/19 SPS5462GB/19 SPS6012JP/10 SPS6122RK/11 SPS6122RK/13 SPS6432GB/06 SPS6432RK/01 SPS6462/06 SPS6462DK/06 SPS6462GB/06 SPS6462II/06 SPS8052/01 SPS8162/06 SPS8172/06 SPV4503/05 SPV4503/06 SPV4503CH/06 SPV4503GB/05 SPV4503GB/06NEFF:195301352 195301352 195301352 195301530 195301530 FD680822939 S3130F0GB/11 S3130W0GB/11 S3132F0GB/11 S3132F0GB/14 S3132W0GB/11 S3132W0GB/14 S3132W0GB/19 S3132W0GB/20 S4130F0GB/01 S4130F0GB/01 S4130F0GB/03 S4130F0GB/14 S4130F0GB/20 S4130F0GB/21 S4130W0 S4130W0GB/03 S4130W0GB/03 S4130W0GB/14 S4130W0GB/20 S4130W0GB/20 S4130W0GB/21 S4130W0GB/21 S4132B0/11 S4132B0/14 S4132B0/21 S4132F0GB/08 S4132F0GB/11 S4132F0GB/11 S4132F0GB/14 S4132F0GB/20 S4132G0/11 S4132G0/14 S4132G1/14 S4132G1/21 S4132N0/14 S4132N1/14 S4132N1/21 S4132S0/08 S4132S0/11 S4132S0/14 S4132S1/14 S4132S1/21 S4132W0/11 S4132W0/14 S4132W0GB/08 S4132W0GB/11 S4132W0GB/14 S4132W0GB/14 S4132W0GB/20 S4132W1/14 S4132W1/21 S4133F0GB/14 S4133F0GB/20 S4133F0GB/21 S4133W0GB/14 S4133W0GB/14 S4133W0GB/20 S4133W0GB/21 S4140G0GB/01 S4140G0GB/03 S4142B1FF/08 S4142B1FF/11 S4142B1FF/12 S4142B1FF/14 S4142B1GB/20 S4142G0/11 S4142G0GB/08 S4142G0GB/11 S4142G0GB/14 S4142G0GB/20 S4142G1/11 S4142G1/12 S4142G1/14 S4142G1GB/14 S4142G1GB/20 S4142G2/14 S4142N0/14 S4142N1GB/14 S4142N1GB/20 S4142P0/14 S4142S0/08 S4142S0/11 S4142S0/14 S4142S0GB/08 S4142S0GB/14 S4142S0GB/20 S4142S1/14 S4142S1/21 S4142S1GB/14 S4142S1GB/20 S4142W0GB/08 S4142W0GB/11 S4142W0GB/14 S4142W0GB/20 S4142W1/11 S4142W1/12 S4142W1/14 S4142W1FF/08 S4142W1FF/11 S4142W1FF/12 S4142W1FF/14 S4142W1GB/14 S4142W1GB/20 S4142W2/14 S4142W2/21 S4143N0/01 S4143N0/03 S4143W0/01 S4143W0/03 S4152B0/11 S4152B0/14 S4152E0/11 S4152E0/14 S4152E0GB/11 S4152G0/11 S4152G0/14 S4152G0GB/01 S4152G0GB/11 S4152G0GB/14 S4152G0GB/20 S4152G0RK/11 S4152G0RK/14 S4152S0RK/11 S4152S0RK/14 S4152S1/11 S4152S1/14 S4152S1GB/11 S4152S1GB/14 S4152S1GB/20 S4152W0/11 S4152W0/14 S4152W09B S4152W0GB/11 S4152W0GB/14 S4152W0GB/20 S4152W0RK/11 S4152W0RK/14 S4152W0TC/11 S4152W0TC/14 S4152W0TC/21 S4153B0/01 S4153B0/03 S4153B0/05 S4153B0GB/07 S4153G0/01 S4153G0/03 S4153G0/05 S4153G0GB/01 S4153G0GB/03 S4153G0GB/05 S4153G0GB/07 S4153G0RK/01 S4153G0RK/03 S4153G0RK/05 S4153G1/03 S4153G1/05 S4153N0/01 S4153N0/03 S4153N0/05 S4153S0/01 S4153S0/03 S4153S0/05 S4153S0GB/01 S4153S0GB/03 S4153S0GB/05 S4153S0GB/07 S4153S0RK/01 S4153S0RK/03 S4153S0RK/05 S4153W0/01 S4153W0/03 S4153W0/05 S4153W0GB/01 S4153W0GB/03 S4153W0GB/05 S4153W0GB/07 S4153W0RK/01 S4153W0RK/03 S4153W0RK/05 S4172G0/11 S4172G0/14 S4172G0GB/11 S4172G0GB/14 S4172W0/11 S4172W0/14 S4172W0GB/11 S4172W0GB/14 S4242B0/01 S4242B0/02 S4242B0/03 S4242G0/01 S4242G0/02 S4242G0/03 S4242G0GB/07 S4242G1/02 S4242G1/03 S4242G1/09 S4242G1RK/09 S4242N0/01 S4242N0/02 S4242N0/03 S4242N0/09 S4242S0/01 S4242S0/02 S4242S0/03 S4242S0/09 S4242S0RK/03 S4242S0RK/09 S4242W0/01 S4242W0/02 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S4732W1GB/02 S4732W1GB/03 S4732W1GB/04 S4732W1GB/06 S4732W2/04 S4732W3/06 S4752B0/07 S4752B0/11 S4752B0/13 S4752B1/01 S4752B1/03 S4752E1/01 S4752E1/03 S4752EO/13 S4752G0/13 S4752G0GB/13 S4752G1/01 S4752G1/03 S4752G1/04 S4752G1GB/01 S4752G1GB/03 S4752G1GB/04 S4752G1GB/06 S4752G2/04 S4752G3/06 S4752N0/01 S4752N0/03 S4752N0/04 S4752N1/04 S4752N2/06 S4752S2/13 S4752S3/01 S4752S3/03 S4752S3/04 S4752S4/04 S4752S5/06 S4752W0/12 S4752W0/13 S4752W0GB/11 S4752W0GB/13 S4752W1/01 S4752W1/03 S4752W1/04 S4752W1GB/01 S4752W1GB/03 S4752W2/04 S4752W3/06 S4840X0/05 S4840X0/06 S4840X0GB/05 S4840X0GB/06SIEMENS:ENR430035/01 SN23000GB/01 SN23100ID/03 SN23312 SN24301 SN24301GB/14 SN24303 SN24315 SN25302 SN25314GB/20 SN53102GB/03 SN53204GB/15 SN53300GB/03 SN53302GB/01 SN53302GB/03 SN55301GB/14 SN58204GB/01 SN64000GB/20Manufacturers Names & Numbers are for Reference purposes only!

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