Door Switch Lock Interlock for Westwood AE505TRS WST1007SCD Washing Machines

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LAZER ELECTRICS Door Switch Lock Interlock for Westwood Washing Machines

Please note due to some of the following models using more than one type we advise buyers to check against old one before purchase

Fits Models:

AE505TRS, LLW1207, WST1007SCD, WST1206SES12, WST805SCD, WT1000TRSMK2, WT1005AZA12, WT10079T, WT10079TRS, WT1007A11TRS, WT1007TRS12, WT1007TRSMK2.1, WT1007TRSMK2.2, WT1007WAV2, WT10089T, WT1008TRS, WT1009TRS, WT1009TRS13, WT10910TRS, WT12069A3, WT12069AB3, WT12069AS3, WT12079A3, WT12079AS3, WT12089N, WT12089TRS, WT1208TJA, WT12099B, WT1209A, WT1252V2, WT1252VB2, WT1252VS2, WT500TRSMK2, WT5059T, WT505AZA12, WT505CU10B1, WT505RDS12, WT560HZ/2, WT606A, WT8059BTRS, WT805CU10, WTA10079T, WTA10089T, WTA10099

Specification: Type: 3 Contacts. 250V, 16(6)A Closing, 1(1)A Opening

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