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Lazer Electrics

2.5 Metre Hose for Numatic Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Long Pipe Nuflex

2.5 Metre Hose for Numatic Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Long Pipe Nuflex

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Lazer Electrics 2.5M HOSE for Numatic Commercial Industrial Vacuum Hoover Long Pipe 2.5 Metre

2.5 Metre Premium Quality Hose at full stretch
Cable cuff swivel to eliminate hose snag
Precision design hose locking mechanism
Finely tuned compression and stretch as you clean
Made to fit onto wand handle or vacuum accessories when using the numatic adaptor

Fits Models: WVD572 WVD570-2 NVR370 NVR375 NVQ370 NVQ380 JVC235, JVR225, NRV200, NVH-180, NVH-200, NVP-180, NVP-200, VNP-180, NSP-180A, NSP200A, PSP-200A, VNR-200, NSR-200A, NVR-200, NRV-200, NRV-204, NRV-200T, PVR-200A, PVT-220A, NST-220A, NVQ-200, NVQ-202, NVQ-204, NVQ-200T, NVQ-250, NVQ-252, NVQ-254, NVQ-250T, NQS-200, NQS-200T, AVQ-250, MFQ-300, RSV-130, RSV-130M, RSV-130P, RSV-134. RSV-130T, RSAV-130, RSV-200, RSV-204, RSV-204P, RSV-200T, RSAV-200, HZQ-200, HZQ-250, NB-200, JVH-180, JVP-180

Ideal for cleaning over large distance i.e. Stairs and also for Valeting / Cleaning your Vehicle


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