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2 x Dishwasher Door Hinge Brake Cord Rope Cable for Beko D5766FW, D5766FW91620, D5879FW, D5879UW, D6001E

2 x Dishwasher Door Hinge Brake Cord Rope Cable for Beko D5766FW, D5766FW91620, D5879FW, D5879UW, D6001E

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Door Hinge Brake Cord Rope Cable made for Beko Dishwashers

Replaces Genuine Part Number: 1881050100

Fits Models:

DFN130392243, DFN1303X, DFN1303X92242, DFN1400, DFN140091890, DFN1401, DFN1401S, DFN1401S91976, DFN1403, DFN140392211, DFN140392319, DFN1403R, DFN1403S, DFN1403X, DFN1404, DFN1404S, DFN1404S92419, DFN1420, DFN142091744, DFN1422, DFN1422S, DFN1423, DFN142392430, DFN1423S, DFN1424S, DFN1425, DFN1425S, DFN1431, DFN1431S, DFN1431S92302, DFN1432S, DFN1432X, DFN1433S, DFN1434, DFN1434S, DFN1435, DFN1435B, DFN1435S, DFN1500, DFN150091884, DFN150092076, DFN150092172, DFN1500S, DFN1500S92173, DFN1501, DFN1503, DFN150392237, DFN150392241, DFN150392381, DFN1503S, DFN1503S92260, DFN1503S92261, DFN1503S92268, DFN1504, DFN1504S, DFN1510S, DFN1520, DFN1520S, DFN1522, DFN152292111, DFN1522S, DFN1530, DFN153092216, DFN1530S, DFN1531, DFN153192265, DFN1531S, DFN1531S92266, DFN1533, DFN1534, DFN1534S, DFN1534X, DFN1535, DFN1535S, DFN1535X, DFN1536S, DFN2000X, DFN240, DFN2400, DFN2400S, DFN2400S91888, DFN2403, DFN240S, DFN2420, DFN242091882, DFN2420S, DFN2422, DFN2422S, DFN2423, DFN2424, DFN2425, DFN243, DFN2430, DFN2430S, DFN2431, DFN2431S, DFN2432, DFN2432S, DFN2433S, DFN243S, DFN2500, DFN2510, DFN2510S, DFN2520, DFN2520S, DFN2520S92187, DFN2521, DFN252192002, DFN2521S, DFN2522, DFN252292120, DFN2522S, DFN2522X, DFN2522X92184, DFN2530, DFN253092171, DFN2530EXTRA, DFN2530EXTRA92331, DFN2530S, DFN2530S92170, DFN2530X, DFN2531, DFN2531S, DFN2535, DFN3700, DFN370092233, DFN3700X, DFN3730, DFN4520, DFN4520S, DFN4530, DFN5530, DFN5530S, DFN5610, DFN5610S, DFN5610X, DFN5630, DFN563091764, DFN5630S, DFN5631, DFN5631B, DFN5631S, DFN5830, DFN615, DFN6510, DFN651091955, DFN6511, DFN6610, DFN6610S, DFN6611, DFN6611S, DFN6630, DFN6631, DFN6631S, DFN6632, DFN6634, DFN6634B, DFN6634S, DFN6635, DFN6635B, DFN6635S, DFN663B, DFN6820, DFN6820B, DFN6820S, DFN6821, DFN6821B, DFN6821S, DFN6830, DFN6830S, DFN6831, DFN6831S, DFN6832, DFN6832B, DFN6832B92155, DFN6832EXTRA, DFN6832EXTRA92301, DFN6832S, DFN6832S92136, DFN6833, DFN6833B, DFN6833B92220, DFN6833Extra, DFN6833S, DFN6833S92221

Pack of 2 - Length: 450mm

Premium quality fully compatible replacement spare part

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