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2 x Dishwasher Lower Basket Rail Wheels for Bosch, Neff & Siemens 165314 - 165314, 00165314, 00170834, 00170838, 00183955, 00420198

2 x Dishwasher Lower Basket Rail Wheels for Bosch, Neff & Siemens 165314 - 165314, 00165314, 00170834, 00170838, 00183955, 00420198

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Compatible Bosch Neff & Siemens replacement dishwasher lower basket wheels

Pack of 2

Colour: White or grey provided - Colour may vary

Replaces Genuine Part numbers: 165314, 00165314, 00170834, 00170838, 00183955, 00420198


Outer Diameter – 37mm

Centre / Inner Axle Centre - 5mm

Please measure your old wheels to be sure

Fits models:


KGV2822GB/01, SGI3002GB/01, SGI43A22GB/01, SGI43A76GB/01, SGI43E05GB/16, SGI45E12GB/23, SGI45E15GB/23, SGI45E16GB/23, SGI45E16GB/28, SGI45E16GB/29, SGI5305GB/13, SGI56A06GB/42, SGI57M05GB/37, SGS0922GB/11, SGS09A08GB/11, SGS09L08GB/19, SGS09L12GB/14, SGS4002GB/13, SGS4002GB/20, SGS4012GB/12, SGS4012GB/13, SGS43A12GB/27, SGS43A12GB/38, SGS43A18GB/27, SGS43A22UK/01, SGS43A32GB/01, SGS43A32UK/01, SGS43A42GB/04, SGS43A42UK/01, SGS43A52GB/04, SGS43A52GB/35, SGS43A52GB/41, SGS43C02GB/35, SGS43C02GB/43, SGS43C12GB/08, SGS43C12GB/15, SGS43C12GB/20, SGS43C32EU/73, SGS43E02EU/08, SGS43E02GB/35, SGS43E02GB/45, SGS43E08GB/35, SGS43E08GB/43, SGS43E08GB/45, SGS43T02GB/07, SGS43T02GB/08, SGS43T22GB/06, SGS43T22GB/08, SGS43T52GB/16, SGS43T52GB/17, SGS43T52GB/21, SGS43T58GB/21, SGS43T62GB/35, SGS43T72UK/26, SGS45C02GB/02, SGS45E02GB/45, SGS45E02GB/56, SGS45E08GB/45, SGS45E62GB/35, SGS45E62GB/64, SGS45E62GB/68, SGS45E68GB/52, SGS45E68GB/64, SGS4602EU/07, SGS46E02GB/01, SGS46E12GB/73, SGS46E22GB/01, SGS46E22GB/82, SGS47E02GB/56, SGS47E12GB/64, SGS5002GB/07, SGS5302GB/07, SGS5302GB/09, SGS5312GB/12, SGS5312GB/13, SGS5318GB/12, SGS5332GB/17, SGS5342GB/17, SGS53C02GB/08, SGS53C02GB/15, SGS53C12GB/21, SGS53C12GB/22, SGS53C12UK/01, SGS53T02GB/06, SGS55E12GB/56, SGS5602/16, SGS56E02GB/35, SGS56E02GB/45, SGS56E02GB/47, SGS57E12GB/17, SGS57E18GB/36, SGS57E32GB/73, SGS59A22GB/17, SGS6302GB/07, SGS6302GB/13, SGS6312GB/04, SGS65L02GB/17, SGS65L12GB/04, SGS65L18GB/04, SGS65L22GB/10, SGS65L28GB/10, SGS6612GB/07, SGS66A02GB/13, SGS66A02GB/17, SGS66A02GB/20, SGS69A02GB/21, SGS69L02GB/17, SGV4313GB/07, SGV4313GB/13, SGV4313GB/17, SGV43A03GB/17, SGV43A03GB/42, SGV43E03GB/16, SGV43E03GB/19, SGV43E03GB/22, SGV43E03GB/23, SGV43E03GB/26, SGV5303GB/13, SGV53E03GB/50, SGV53E03GB/55, SGV53E03GB/72, SGV53E03GB/74, SGV56A03GB/12, SGV56A03GB/40, SGV56A13GB/22, SGV56A13GB/27, SGV57T03GB/02, SGV59T03GB/10, SHV4313GB/13, SHV4313GB/17, SHV43A03GB/17, SHV43A03GB/42, SHV43A03GB/44, SHV43A03GB/46, SHV5303GB/07, SHV55M03GB/40, SHV55M03GB/70, SHV55M03GB/73, SHV55M03GB/79, SRS4302GB/02, SRS43A02GB/08, SRS43C02GB/14, SRS43C02GB/20, SRS43C12GB/21, SRS43C22GB/01, SRS43C22GB/04, SRS53C02GB/20, SRS53C02GB/28, SRS55L02GB/15, SRS5602GB/02, SRV4603GB/05, WFO2467GB/15


HF87950GB/03, KG57U95/13, SE20592GB/09, SE20790GB/04, SE20A591GB/18, SE20T590GB/14, SE24A230GB/17, SE24A230GB/45, SE24T250GB/17, SE24T250GB/32, SE25A090GB/12, SE25A090GB/21, SE25A091GB/22, SE25A266GB/24, SE25A561GB/35, SE25A561GB/45, SE25A831GB/17, SE25M275GB/17, SE25M275GB/36, SE25M275GB/41, SE25M570GB/17, SE25M575GB/36, SE25M575GB/41, SE25M851GB/35, SE25M851GB/73, SE25M851GB/79, SE25T850GB/01, SE25T850GB/08, SE26T550GB/25, SE64630GB/13, SE64630GB/17, SE64A630GB/42, SE64A630GB/44, SE64A631GB/13, SE65E330GB/74, SE65T370GB/07, SE65T370GB/08, SF25M250GB/01, SL65M350GB/79


H5972S0GB/01, N1662N0/01, S4409N1GB/01, S4430W0GB/07, S4443N7GB/01, S4443N8GB/08, S4443N8GB/16, S4443W8GB/08, S4443W8GB/16, S4457N0GB/17, S4466W0GB/07, S44E43B0GB/23, S44E43N0GB/23, S44E43W0GB/23, S5409X0GB/01, S5409X0GB/03, S5433X0GB/17, S5433X0GB/29, S5443X0/06, S5443X1GB/12, S5443X1GB/13, S5443X1GB/17, S5443X1GB/29, S5443X2GB/17, S5443X2GB/44, S5444X1GB/08, S5444X1GB/22, S5444X1GB/23, S5444X1GB/31, S5453X0GB/07, S5453X0GB/13, S5453X0GB/19, S5453X1GB/46, S5453X1GB/50, S5453X1GB/55, S5453X1GB/70, S5453X1GB/72, S5453X1GB/74, S5456X1GB/12, S5456X2GB/13, S5456X3GB/24, S5457X0GB/02, S5457X0GB/08, S54T09X1GB/01, S5543X1GB/17, S5553X0GB/13, S5555X0GB/70, S5555X0GB/79, S5943X2GB/31, S6409N2GB/17

Manufacturers names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only

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