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4 x Dishwasher Top Upper Basket Rail Wheels For Bosch, Siemens S Series - 424717, 00424717, ES539230

4 x Dishwasher Top Upper Basket Rail Wheels For Bosch, Siemens S Series - 424717, 00424717, ES539230

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Dishwasher Top Upper Basket Rail Wheels For Bosch SM, SP, Neff S Series, Siemens SN Series

24mm Wide

2 Pack - Please note item may vary as shown in listing images

Replaces Genuine Part Numbers: 00028021, 00066321, 00152111, 00424717

Fits Thousands of models not listed - If you are unsure please contact us to verify

Other Product Codes: 028021 045222 066321 152111 382452 382463 382469

Fits Models:

BOSCH: SMG3002/11, SMG3002/14, SMG3002DK/11, SMG3002DK/14, SMG3002DK/19, SMG3002DK/22, SMG3002SK/11, SMI2011GB/11, SMI2011GB/13, SMI2011GB/14, SMI2011GB/15, SMI2011GB/20, SMI2012/11, SMI2012/13, SMI2012/14, SMI2012GB/11, SMI2012GB/13, SMI2012GB/14, SMI2012GB/15, SMI2012GB/20, SMI2016FF/11, SMI2016FF/13, SMI2016FF/14, SMI2021/11, SMI2021/13, SMI2021/14, SMI2021/15, SMI2021GB/11, SMI2022/11, SMI2022/13, SMI2022/14, SMI2022/15, SMI2022CH/11, SMI2022CH/13, SMI2022CH/14, SMI2022GB/11, SMI2022GB/13, SMI2022SK/11, SMI2022SK/14, SMI6706EU/03, SMI6706EU/09, SMI6706GB/01, SMI6706GB/02, SMI6706GB/03, SMI6706GB/07, SMI6706GB/09, SMI6706II/01, SMI6706II/02, SMI6706II/03, SMI6706II/06, SMI6706II/09, SMI7052UC/09, SMI7052UC/14, SMI7052US/09, SMS2012DK/11, SMS2012GB/11, SMS2012GB/15, SMS2012GB/20, SMS2012SD/11, SMS2012SD/14, SMS2012SD/15, SMS2012SD/18, SMS2012TC/11, SMS2012TC/14, SMS2012TC/15, SMS2021/11, SMS2021CH/11, SMS2021CH/14, SMS2022/09, SMS2022/11, SMS2022/14, SMS2022SK/11, SMS2022SK/14, SMS2032EE/11, SMS2032EE/12, SMS2032EE/14, SMS2032EE/15, SMS2032EE/17, SMS2042EE/11, SMS2042EU/11, SMS2042EU/14, SMS2052FF/11, SMS2052FF/14, SMS2062SD/11, SMS2062SD/14, SMS2062SD/15, SMS2062SD/18, SMS2066FF/11, SMS2066FF/14, SMS2066FF/15, SMS2072FF/14, SMS2422/11, SMS2422/14, SMS2422/15, SMS2422/18, SMS2422CH/14, SMS2422CH/15, SMS2422CH/18, SMS2702/05, SMS2702/09, SMS3022CD/14, SMS3022NL/11, SMS3022NL/14, SMS3032EU/14, SMS3042CH/11, SMS3042CH/14, SMS3042DK/11, SMS3042DK/14, SMS3042EU/11, SMS3042EU/12, SMS3042EU/14, SMS3042GB/11, SMS3042GB/12, SMS3042GB/14, SMS3042II/11, SMS3042II/12, SMS3042II/14, SMS3047/08, SMS3047/11, SMS3047/14, SMS3047/16, SMS3047EU/14, SMS3072/11, SMS3072/14, SMS4452GB/11, SMS4452GB/14, SMS4452GB/20, SMS4472GB/14, SMS4472GB/20, SMS4482GB/14, SMS4482GB/20, SMS4492/14, SMS4492FF/14, SMS4502/10, SMS4502/11, SMS4520/01, SMS4520/02, SMS4520/03, SMS4522/01, SMS4522/02, SMS4522/03, SMS4522DK/03, SMS4522DK/08, SMS4530/03, SMS4532/03, SMS4700/01, SMS4700/02, SMS4700/03, SMS4700/09, SMS4702/01, SMS4702/02, SMS4702/03, SMS4702/09, SMS4702CD/02, SMS4702CD/03, SMS4702CD/09, SMS4702DK/03, SMS6502FF/01, SMS6502FF/03, SMS6502FF/05, SMS6502GB/01, SMS6502GB/03, SMS6502GB/05, SMS6502GB/06, SMS6502GB/07, SMS6702/01, SMS6702/02, SMS6702/03, SMS6702/09, SMS6702AU/03, SMS6702AU/09, SMS6702CD/01, SMS6702CD/02, SMS6702CD/03, SMS6702CD/09, SMS6702EU/01, SMS6702EU/02, SMS6702EU/03, SMS6702EU/09, SMS6702FF/01, SMS6702FF/02, SMS6702FF/03, SMU5522CD/01, SMU5522CD/03, SMU5522CD/05, SMU5522SK/01, SMU5522SK/03, SMU5522SK/05, SMU5522SK/06, SMU5522SK/07, SMU6702SK/01, SMU6702SK/02, SMU6702SK/03, SMU6702SK/04, SMU6702SK/07, SMU6702SK/09, SMU7052UC/09, SMU7052UC/14, SMU7052US/09, SMU7056UC/09, SMU7056UC/14, SMU7056US/09, SMU7072DK/11, SMU7072DK/14, SMU7072SK/11, SMU7072SK/14, SMU7072SK/18, SMU7081/11, SPS8152/05, SPS8162/06, SPS8172/06, SPU2222SK/10, SPU2222SK/11, SPU2222SK/13, SPU2432SK/01, SPU2432SK/02, SPU2432SK/03, SPU2432SK/04, SPU2432SK/06, SPU2432SK/07, SPU2462DK/07, SPU2462SK/07, SPU6222SK/08, SPU6222SK/11, SPV4503/05, SPV4503/06, SPV4503CH/06, SPV4503GB/05, SPV4503GB/06

Neff: S1132W0TC/14, S1152W0GR/11, S1152W0GR/14, S1153W0RK/01, S1153W0RK/03, S1153W0RK/05, S1730W0TC/01, S1730W0TC/03, S1730W0TC/04, S1752W0GR/11, S1752W0GR/13, S1752W1GR/01, S1752W1GR/03, S1752W1GR/04, S1752W2GR/06, S3130F0GB/11, S3130W0GB/11, S3132F0GB/11, S3132F0GB/14, S3132W0GB/11, S3132W0GB/14, S3132W0GB/19, S3132W0GB/20, S3152G0/11, S3152G0/14, S3152W0/11, S3152W0/14, S4130F0GB/14, S4130F0GB/20, S4130F0GB/21, S4130W0GB/14, S4130W0GB/20, S4130W0GB/21, S4132B0/11, S4132B0/14, S4132B0/21, S4132F0GB/08, S4132F0GB/11, S4132F0GB/14, S4132F0GB/20, S4132G0/11, S4132G0/14, S4132G1/14, S4132G1/21, S4132N0/14, S4132N1/14, S4132N1/21, S4132S0/08, S4132S0/11, S4132S0/14, S4132S1/14, S4132S1/21, S4132W0/11, S4132W0/14, S4132W0GB/08, S4132W0GB/11, S4132W0GB/14, S4132W0GB/20, S4132W1/14, S4132W1/21, S4133F0GB/14, S4133F0GB/20, S4133F0GB/21, S4142G1/11, S4142G1/12, S4142G1/14, S4142G1GB/14, S4142G1GB/20, S4142G2/14, S4142N0/14, S4142N1GB/14, S4142N1GB/20

Siemens: SN22300/11, SN22300/14, SN22300/15, SN22300DK/11, SN22300DK/14, SN23100ID/11, SN23100ID/14, SN23100ID/15, SN23100ID/20, SN23300/11, SN23300/14, SN23300DK/11, SN23300DK/14, SN23300GB/08, SN23300GB/11, SN23300GB/14, SN23300GB/20, SN23300JJ/08, SN23300JK/08, SN23301DK/11, SN23301DK/14, SN23301II/08, SN23301II/11, SN23301II/14, SN23301NL/08, SN23301NL/11, SN23301NL/12, SN23301NL/14, SN23302/09, SN23302/11, SN23302/14, SN23302EE/08, SN23302NL/11, SN23302SK/11, SN23302SK/14, SN23303/11, SN23303/14, SN23303/18, SN23304EE/08


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