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4 x Dishwasher Top Upper Basket Rail Wheels For Hotpoint Indesit - C00247530

4 x Dishwasher Top Upper Basket Rail Wheels For Hotpoint Indesit - C00247530

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Dishwasher Wheel UPPER BASKET WHEELS for Hotpoint Indesit C00247530

24mm Wide

4 Pack - Please note item may vary as shown in listing images

Equivalent to: C00247530 - Fits Thousands of models not listed - If you are unsure please contact us to verify

Fits Models:


6800P, 6800W, 6801P, 6801W, 6802B, 6802P, 6820B, 6820P, 6830P, 6830W, 6831B, 6831P, 6832B, 6832P, 6833B, 6833P, 68340, 6834B, 6834P, 71340, 71350, 71360, 7800P, 7800W, 7801P, 7801W, 7805P, 7805W, 7806P, 7806W, 7810W, 7820P, 7820W, 7821A, 7821P, 7821W, 7822A, 7822P, 7822W, 7823A, 7823P, 7823W, 7830W, 7833A, 7833P, 7833W, 7834A, 7834P, 7834W, 7840P, 7840W, 7841A, 7841P, 7841W, 7842A, 7842P, 7842W, 7843A, 7843P, 7843W, 7844A, 7844P, 7844W, 7845A, 7845P, 7845W, 7850P, 7850W, 7860P, 7860W, 7861A, 7861P, 7861W, 7870W, 7871W, 7872W, 7873A, 7873P, 7882A, 7882P, 7882W, 7883A, 7883P, 7883W, 7885A, 7885P, 7885W, DC23P, DC23X, DC24P, DC24X, DF21A**, DF21P**, DF21W**, DF22A, DF22P, DF22W, DF23N, DF23X, DF31A, DF31P, DF31W, DF32N, DF32P, DF32X, DF41A, DF41P, DF41W, DF51W, BF31B, BF31P, BF32B, BF32P, DF21A**, DF21P**, DF21W**, DF23A, DF23N**, DF23P, DF23W, DF23X**, DF32A, DF32N, DF32P, DF32W, DF32X, DF42A, DF42N, DF42P, DF42W, DF42X, DF51A, DF51P, DF51W, DF52A, DF52P, DF52W

Creda: 17901, 17908E, 47907, 47908

Jackson: 27907, 27908


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