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T85 Bitron DL-S2 Washing Machine Door Interlock for Indesit Hotpoint C00254755, C00285597, 482000023034, J00224791, J00253965, ES1016863

T85 Bitron DL-S2 Washing Machine Door Interlock for Indesit Hotpoint C00254755, C00285597, 482000023034, J00224791, J00253965, ES1016863

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Genuine Manufacturers Replacement Door Lock Interlock Switch for Hotpoint Washing Machines

Replaces Part Numbers: C00254755, 482000023034, 482000031685, C00285597

Interchangeable with versions ROLD code DKS01570 and Metalflex ZV448A1 (160025338.01)

Fits Hundreds of Models - Please contact us if you are unsure

F039739 F039740 F060592 F060636 F060637 F061483 F062017 F062018 F062021 F062023 F062028 F062035 F062038 F062040 F062041 F062043 F062044 F062046 F062050 F062052 F062053 F062063 F062064 F062065 F062066 F062523 F062526 F062533 F062562 F062563 F062565 F062570 F062572 F062573 F062576 F062577 F062578 F062695 F062697 F062728 F062729 F062730 F062732 F062734 F062735 F062903 F068227 F068229 F068230 F069085 F069094 F069209 F069474 F069531 F069532 F069558 F069569 F069639 F069640 F069707 F069749 F069753 F071502 F071503 F071870 F072553 F072808 F072809 F073110 F073457 F073462 F073541 F073665 F074648 F074649 F074650 F074651 F074652 F074662 F074664 F074665 F074745 F074746 F074747 F074748 F074749 F074750 F074767 F074769 F074771 F074772 F074815 F074816 F074822 F074825 F075171 F075248 F075768 F075795 F075972 F076366 F076388 F076389 F076404 F077004 F077005 F077239 F077243 F078718 F078735 F078736 F078748 F078751 F078752 F078754 F078756 F078781 F078802 F078803 F078807 F078809 F078811 F078827 F078828 F078829 F078830 F078831 F078833 F078835 F078850 F078875 F079042 F080131 F080133 F081485 F081486 F081487 F081492 F081494 F081550 F081551 F081554 F081557 F081601 F081602 F081774 F081958 F082439 F082559 F082561 F082592 F082608 F082619 F082633 F082634 F082637 F083322 F083582 F083739 F083991 F084241 F084286 F084667 F084831 F084837 F084838 F084839 F085005 F085007 F085061 F085550 F085566 F085567 F085575 F085576 F085598 F085600 F085602 F085603 F085610 F085611 F085616 F085621 F085623 F085626 F085649 F085663 F086457 F086571 F086693 F086694 F086695 F086998 F086999 F087249 F087360 F087488 F087530 F087591 F087652 F087660 F087661 F087663 F088694 F088746 F088749 F088781 F088805 F088806 F088807 F088815 F088852 F089103 F089372 F089373 F089374 F089375 F089379 F090029 F090077 F093210 F093211 F093654 F093655 F096345 F096346 F096348 F100867 F100879 F100881 F100891 F101144 F102056 F102057 F102085 F102237 F102248 F102909 F102910 F102911 F103116 F103119 F103120 F103122 F103482 F104273 F104274 F153208

Please note that parts can be altered at any time by the manufacturer and may not be exactly the same as pictured however they are 100% correct for the models listed. Please contact us before purchase if unsure

A high quality replacement door mechanism equivalent to Hotpoint genuine part number: C00254755

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