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Bitron Washing Machine Door Interlock for Indesit IWE81681SUK IWE81681UK

Bitron Washing Machine Door Interlock for Indesit IWE81681SUK IWE81681UK

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Lazer Electrics Washing Machine Door Interlock Spare Part for Indesit

Replacement door interlock for Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint & Indesit washing machines

Equivalent to: C00254755 - Please note, this is the Bitron lock for the models listed, as these models can use more than one type you will need to check before purchasing. Please contact us before purchase if unsure

Will fit the following models:

Indesit: F100879 (BWE61252WFR), F104273 (BWE71253XKPL), F104274 (BWE71253XSPL), F100867 (BWE71253XWSSFR), F100881 (BWE71253XWSSFR), F102909 (BWE71253XWSSSEU), F102085 (BWE71283XWIT), F153208 (BWE71453WUK), F100891 (BWE71453XSFR), F102910 (BWE71453XWSSSEU), F103482 (BWE71483XWNL), F103122 (BWE81282LB), F102911 (BWE81484XWSSS EU), F102248 (BWSE61051), F102056 (BWSE61253WFR), F102237 (BWSE71252LB1), F102057 (BWSE71283XWWGGIT), F103119 (BWSE81082LB), F103120 (BWSE81282LB), F103116 (BWUE51051LB), F072808 (IWD7108ECOEE-E), F062523 (IWDC7105SEX60HZ), F062526 (IWDC7125BEX60HZ), F062562 (IWDE6105BEU), F062563 (IWDE7105BEU), F069707 (IWDE71257BRU), F078807 (IWDE7125BECOEX), F062565 (IWDE7125BEU), F062570 (IWDE7125BEX), F062572 (IWDE7125BUK), F062533 (IWDE7125SEU), F062573 (IWDE7125SUK), F062576 (IWDE7145BEU), F062577 (IWDE7145BUK), F074767 (IWDE7145KUK), F062578 (IWDE7145SUK), F078718 (IWDE71680ECODE), F069094 (IWDE7168UK), 62017 (IWE5105EU), F062017 (IWE5105EU), 62018 (IWE5125EU), F062018 (IWE5125EU), F062018 (IWE5125EU-E), 62021 (IWE6085EU), F062021 (IWE6085EU), F069749 (IWE6085PL), F078809 (IWE61051CECOEU), F087488 (IWE61051CECOEU), F085005 (IWE61051EU), 62023 (IWE6105EU), F062023 (IWE6105EU), F076366 (IWE6105EU), F062023 (IWE6105EU-E), F068227 (IWE6105PL), F071503 (IWE6108ECOWE), F075768 (IWE61251ECOPL), F075768 (IWE61251ECOPL-E), F085007 (IWE61252CECOEU), F087530 (IWE61252CECOEU), F062035 (IWE6125BEU), F062038 (IWE6125BIT), 62028 (IWE6125EU), F062028 (IWE6125EU), F076404 (IWE6125EU), F062028 (IWE6125EU-E), F069640 (IWE6125PL), F073665 (IWE6126BSECOIT), F073665 (IWE6126BSECOIT-E), F078751 (IWE61282CECOEU), F074769 (IWE7105BCIS.L), F062040 (IWE7105BEU), F076388 (IWE7105BEU), F077239 (IWE71082ECOEE), F078752 (IWE71082SCECOEU), F077004 (IWE71082SECOEU), F069532 (IWE7108ECOEE), F062041 (IWE7108SEU), F062041 (IWE7108SEU-E), F078802 (IWE71251BECOEU), F078803 (IWE71251SECOEU), F082439 (IWE71252CECOEU), F061483 (IWE7125BEU), F076389 (IWE7125BEU), F061483 (IWE7125BEU-E), F062728 (IWE7125BIND), F069639 (IWE7125BPL), F062043 (IWE7125SEU), F075795 (IWE71281ECOPL), F074652 (IWE71282ECOEU), F074652 (IWE71282ECOEU-E), F077005 (IWE71282ECOPL), F077243 (IWE7128BECOEX), F062044 (IWE7128BEU), F069531 (IWE7128ECOEE), F073462 (IWE7129BSECOIT), F078781 (IWE71451BCFR), F083322 (IWE71451BECO), F079042 (IWE71451BECOEU), F083322 (IWE71451BECOUKT), F085061 (IWE71451BUKC), F081774 (IWE71451SLCFR), F062046 (IWE7145BEU), F062046 (IWE7145BEU-E), F062729 (IWE7145BFR), F062730 (IWE7145BUK), F081958 (IWE7145BUK.C), F062730 (IWE7145BUKE), F069085 (IWE7145KUK), F062732 (IWE7145SUK), F074649 (IWE71482BECODE), F074649 (IWE71482BECODE-E), F074648 (IWE71482BFR), F074648 (IWE71482BFR-E), F062050 (IWE7148BDE), F069209 (IWE7148BFR), F074650 (IWE71682BCODE-E), F074650 (IWE71682BECODE), F074651 (IWE71682BECOEU), F074651 (IWE71682BECOEU-E), F062052 (IWE7168BDE), 62053 (IWE7168BEU), F062053 (IWE7168BEU), F062734 (IWE7168BUK), F062735 (IWE7168SUK), F078828 (IWE81251SECO), F078828 (IWE81251SECOUK), F078827 (IWE81281ECOU), F078827 (IWE81281ECOUK), F078829 (IWE81281KECO), F078829 (IWE81281KECOUK), F074747 (IWE81281KUK), F074747 (IWE81281KUKE), F074746 (IWE81281SUK), F074746 (IWE81281SUKE), F074745 (IWE81281UK), F074745 (IWE81281UKE), F078754 (IWE81282BCECOEU), F074664 (IWE81282BECOEU), F074664 (IWE81282BECOEU-E), F075972 (IWE81282BECOPL), F075972 (IWE81282BECOPL-E), F074825 (IWE81282SLECOEU), F074825 (IWE81282SLECOEU-E), F071502 (IWE8128BECOWE), 60636 (IWE8128BEU), F060636 (IWE8128BEU), F062695 (IWE8128BFR), F073541 (IWE8128BGR), F060592 (IWE8128BIT), F069474 (IWE8128SLEE), F073457 (IWE8129BSECOIT), F073457 (IWE8129BSECOIT-E), F078830 (IWE81481ECOU), F078830 (IWE81481ECOUK), F078831 (IWE81481SECO), F078831 (IWE81481SECOUK), F074749 (IWE81481SUK), F074749 (IWE81481SUKE), F074748 (IWE81481UK), F074748 (IWE81481UKE), F074662 (IWE81482BFR), F074662 (IWE81482BFR-E), F062697 (IWE8148BFR), F078833 (IWE81681ECOU), F078833 (IWE81681ECOUK), F074750 (IWE81681UKE), 74665 (IWE81682BECOEU), F074665 (IWE81682BECOEU), F074665 (IWE81682BECOEU-E), F060637 (IWE8168BEU), F074822 (IWE91280BGR), F074822 (IWE91280SGR-E), F084831 (IWE91281BCECOGR), F080133 (IWE91281ECOU), F080133 (IWE91281ECOUK), F078756 (IWE91282SLCECOTK), F075171 (IWE91480UK), F075171 (IWE91480UKE), F078835 (IWE91481ECOU), F078835 (IWE91481ECOUK), F078736 (IWSD51051CECOEU ), F078850 (IWSD51051CECOEU ), F081487 (IWSD51051CECOEU ), 62063 (IWSE4125EU), F062063 (IWSE4125EU), F062063 (IWSE4125EU-E), 62064 (IWSE5085BEU), F062064 (IWSE5085BEU), F062064 (IWSE5085BEU-E), F069753 (IWSE5085BPL), F081550 (IWSE51050BCECOEU), F074816 (IWSE51050BECOPL), F074816 (IWSE51050BECOPL-E), F081494 (IWSE51051BCECOPL), F081492 (IWSE51051CECOEU), 62065 (IWSE5105BEU), F062065 (IWSE5105BEU), F062065 (IWSE5105BEU-E), F068229 (IWSE5105BPL), F062903 (IWSE5105CIS), F069569 (IWSE5108BEE), F071870 (IWSE5108BEU), F071870 (IWSE5108BEU-E), F069558 (IWSE5108EE), F074815 (IWSE51250ECOBPL), F074815 (IWSE51250ECOBPL-E), F081554 (IWSE51251BCECOPL), F078735 (IWSE51251CECOEU), F081551 (IWSE51251CECOEU), F081601 (IWSE51251CECOPL), 62066 (IWSE5125BEU), F062066 (IWSE5125BEU), F068230 (IWSE5125BPL), F072809 (IWSE5128ECOEE), F081602 (IWSE61051BCECOPL), F081485 (IWSE61051CECOEU), F075248 (IWSE6105BCIS.L), F078875 (IWSE6105CIS), F074771 (IWSE6108BCIS.L), F072553 (IWSE6108ECOEE), F072553 (IWSE6108ECOEE-E), F081486 (IWSE61251CECOEU), F081557 (IWSE61281CECOEU), F074772 (IWSE6128BCIS.L), F073110 (IWSE6128ECOEE), F073110 (IWSE6128ECOEE-E), F085621 (IWSNE61252CECOEU), F085623 (IWSNE61253CECOEU), F093655 (KSE2260WUA), F087661 (ND808LS), F084837 (NSD808LS), F087660 (NWK8108L), F087591 (NWK8128LB), F089103 (NWSK61051), F086457 (NWSK6125), F084286 (NWSK7125L), F084838 (NWSK8108L), F084839 (NWSK8128L), F087360 (NWUK5105L), F093211 (WA71600CH), F093210 (WA71600EU), F078748 (WDA71400EU), F088852 (WDA7514EU), F039739 (WISE10CSI), F039740 (WISE10CSI), F039739 (WISE8CSI), F080131 (WISXE10CIS), F090077 (WMA71400CH), F090029 (WMA71400EU), F087652 (WMA71600CH), F078811 (WMA71600EU), F088815 (XWDE75128XWKKKCIS), F088807 (XWDE751480XK), F088807 (XWDE751480XKUK), F088806 (XWDE751480XS), F088806 (XWDE751480XSUK), F088805 (XWDE751480XW), F088805 (XWDE751480XWUK), F087663 (XWDE751680XKFR), F101144 (XWDE751680XWFR), F085603 (XWE61052XWWGGPL), F082559 (XWE61251WFR), F084241 (XWE61251WPL), F085566 (XWE61252WFR), F088746 (XWE61252WSGFR), F085602 (XWE61252XWWGGPL), F083991 (XWE61451WDE), F082619 (XWE61451WEU), F085567 (XWE61452WEU), F086999 (XWE71083XWWGGPL), F082633 (XWE71251WEU), F082637 (XWE71251WPL), F082634 (XWE71252WEU), F084667 (XWE71252WPL), F085576 (XWE71252WSGFR), F086571 (XWE71252WWGFR), F089372 (XWE71283XWWGGIT1), F086693 (XWE71283XWWGGPL), F082608 (XWE71451WEU), 30825610000 (XWE71451WFR), F082561 (XWE71451WFR), F083739 (XWE71452WDE), F087249 (XWE71452WEU), F088749 (XWE71452WFR), F085575 (XWE71452WSGFR), F082592 (XWE71483XWDE), F085598 (XWE71483XWDE), F089373 (XWE71483XWEU1), F089374 (XWE71483XWSSSNL1), F085649 (XWE71683XWEU), F083582 (XWE71683XWSSSDE), F085600 (XWE71683XWSSSDE), F089375 (XWE71686XWSSSNL1), F089379 (XWEN71283X9WCZ1), F085611 (XWSE61052WEU), F086694 (XWSE61052WPL), F086998 (XWSE61052WWGEU), F085610 (XWSE61252WPL), F096346 (XWSE61252WPLL), F085616 (XWSE61253WEU), F096348 (XWSE61253WEUL), F085663 (XWSE71251XWWGGUA), F086695 (XWSE71283WWGGPL), F085550 (XWSE71283XWWGGIT), F088694 (XWSE81283XWWGGIT ), F085626 (XWSNE61253WEU), F096345 (XWSNE61253WEUL), F088781 (XWUE51052WSSSEU), F093654 (YSE2270ZWBUA)


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