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Bullet Piercing LINE TAP VALVE Refrigeration PIPEWORK Copper tubing

Bullet Piercing LINE TAP VALVE Refrigeration PIPEWORK Copper tubing

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Universal Fridge Freezer Bullet Piercing Valve Kit - 1 / 4' to 3 / 8'


PLEASE NOTE: Item may at any time cosmetically change appearance without notice, however the item will be 100% suitable

Complete kit for tubing from 1/4 To 3/8 (1/4 5/16 3/8)
Bullet® Piercing Valve”utilizes the same type of gasket found under the head plate of most air conditioning compressors. When installed the gasket actually compresses the copper tubing .020”
Patented valve gasket application provides 50 times more sealing area than competitive “O” ring types
A sealing force of over 180 inch lbs. torque tested with 500 lbs. pressure tested at 250°F
Precision piercing needle is engineered for concentricity and hardness to insure perfect seating every time
Non positional mounting — No adapter valve required
Requires only a 2” clearance area for installation and operation
Hex key wrench included — No additional tools required
Corrosion resistant plated
Applications: Install on the high side as a permanent valve on the job Install on round suction lines or uneven tubing

We advise any parts being fitted are done so by a suitably qualified engineer

Please note, the image in the advert is just for illustration and item may vary

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