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CESET Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Bosch Washing Machine - 151613, 00151613, ES658046

CESET Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Bosch Washing Machine - 151613, 00151613, ES658046

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Ceset Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Bosch Washing Machines

Alternative to Genuine Part Numbers: 151613, 00151613, 00154070, 00625081 (Pack of 2)

PLEASE NOTE: These are only suitable for the following models using CESET Motors Only - Carbon Slopes Left to Right

Fits Models:

3TW850A/35, 3TS8225/33, 3TS8247/35, 3TS834A/01, 3TS852A/22, 3TS880W/01, 3TS893Y/27, 3TS895A/35, 3TS898Z/30, 3TS898Z/33, 3TS8220/15, 3TS8222/22, 3TS852A/27, 3TS852A/33, 3TS884Y/04, 3TS890Z/12, 3TS8220/07, 3TS8220/30, 3TS8225/12, 3TS8247/27, 3TS824A/01, 3TS8220/22, 3TS8223/27, 3TS8225/11, 3TS824A/04, 3TS8800/16, 3TS890Z/01, 3TS898Z/22, 3TI8276/15, 3TI828A/01, 3TI829A/02, WVF2000BY/27, WVF2000BY/33, WVF2000GB/23, WVF2000GB/26, WVF2000GB/33, WVF2000GB/36, WVF2000IG/28, WVF2000NL/33, WVF2000SN/28, WVF2401GB/01, WVF2402AU/01, WVF2402EU/01, WVF2402GB/02, WVF2402SN/02, WVF240SGB/01, WVF2400EU/34, WOT24443/01, WOT24453FF/01, WOT26493NL/01, WOT20351EE/11, WFD1661ME/07, WFD2061ME/05, WFD2061ME/07, WFD2090EU/03, WFD2090EU/07, WFB1605SG/16, WFB1605SN/15, WFB1640EU/27, WFB1640EU/30, WFB1640EU/36, WFB1970IE/07, WFB200000/03, WFB2000AU/12, WFB2000BY/01, WFB2000GB/07, WFB2000IL/12, WFB2000SK/01, WFB2000SK/04, WVF2000IG/26, WVF2000IG/33, WVF2000RK/22, WVF2000RK/23, WVF2000SN/26, WVF2402AU/02, WVF2402EU/02, WFB3201SG/01, WFB3201SG/02, WFB3240EE/01, WFB4000PL/02, WFB4040EE/01, WFB4800GB/02, WFB4800SN/02

Premium grade laminated carbon for long life (not cheaper block carbon that causes early burn out)

Premium quality fully compatible replacement spare part

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