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Cooker Oven Hood Recirculation Carbon Filters for SBOX70SS SBOX90SS CHKX70SS x 2

Cooker Oven Hood Recirculation Carbon Filters for SBOX70SS SBOX90SS CHKX70SS x 2

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2 x For CATA, B&Q, Cooke & Lewis Cooker Hood Carbon Filter Round Filters 5 CARBFILT4

Cooker hood carbon round filter - Pack of 2

Part Number: CARBFILT4

PLEASE NOTE this filter is a foam filter and DOES NOT come with carbon balls Diameter: 5.1 inches approx

Fits models:

B&Q: GCHEP60, GCHEP60SS, GCHEP60SS, GCHEP60SS, GCHEP90SS, GHP71SS, CHKL60SS, PCG60, GCHKL60SS, GCHKL70SS, GHP61SS, GHP 61SS, CTCH 60, CTCH60, GHP60SS, CTCG60 CATA: CHK60BK, CHK60SS, CHK70BK, CHK70SS, CHK90BK, CHK90SS, CHKL60SS, CHP60SS, CHP70SS, CHP90SS, MRN60, MRN60PK, MRN70, MRN90, MRN60WH, MRN70WH, MRN90WH, SBOX60SS, SBOX70SS, SBOX90SS, CLCH60SS-C, CLCH90SS-C, CLGH60-C, CLGH90-C, CLMIRAG90-C, CLGCH60-C, CLGCH90-C, AGS60PK, APOLO 600, APOLO 700, APOLO 900, CTCG60, CTCH60, GCHEP60SS, GCHEP70SS, GCHEP90SS, GCHKL60SS, GCLED60SS, GCLED70SS, GCLED90SS, GHP61SS, GHP60SS, GHP71SS, GHP91SS, CHKX70SS, CHX60SS, CHX90SS, GHX60SS, GHX90SS, CHX90SS, CHK60SS, ART10302, ART10303 , ART10304, ART11416, ART11419, ART11420, ART11417, ART11421 /ART11418, ART10915, ART10916, ART10901, ART10905, ART10914, ART10906, ART10902, ART10907, ART10903, ART28307, ART28332, ART28304, ART28301, ART28309, ART28331, ART28333, ART28305, ART28302, ART28328, ART28334, ART28324, ART28326, ART28306, ART28303, ART28329, ART28317, ART28308, ART28327, ART28325, ART28330, ART28315, ART28318, ART28316, ART28319, ART11401, ART11406, ART11402, ART11407, ART11403, ART11409, ART11405, ART11410

Lamona: LAM2404, LAM2500, LAM2590, LAM2561, LAM2570, LAM2562, LAM2560, LAM2800

Logik: LCH665SSE

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