Dishwasher Rack Basket Prong Cover Protector Caps for Electrolux Zanussi X 100

Lazer Electrics

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LAZER ELECTRICS Basket Protector Wire Caps for Electrolux, Zanussi AEG Dishwashers

100 premium Dishwasher Rack Caps. They are easy to install, no glue or adhesive required, just slip them over the worn prongs within seconds. Our material is specifically designed to be more flexible, and for this reason our caps fit ANY dishwasher model!

STOP rusted prongs from ruining your dishware, glassware, and cutlery. By buying a pack of dishwasher caps you could also save yourself from having to buy a new dishwasher rack. Just slip the caps over the worn prongs and your rack is like new.

Length: 25mm (Can be cut to size), Colour: Grey, Pack of 100 Premium Quality Caps