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Door Interlock Switch RST 5 PTC Autobloc for Indesit Washing Machines - C00297327, ES1756986, J00270918

Door Interlock Switch RST 5 PTC Autobloc for Indesit Washing Machines - C00297327, ES1756986, J00270918

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Genuine OEM Door Lock Interlock for Indesit Washing Machines

Equivalent to: C00297327

PLEASE NOTE: As some models use more than one type we advise checking before purchase:

Fits Models:

Fits thousands of models (Most not listed due to high number) including:

B61452S, B61452W, BW51051, BW51052, BWA101283, BWA61252W, BWA71052, BWA71052W, BWA71053W, BWA71083, BWA71252W, BWA71253W, BWA71283, BWA81083, BWA81283, BWA81483, BWA81683, BWA81683XK, BWA91683, BWD61252W, BWD71252, BWD71252W, BWD71253W, BWD71452W, BWD71453K, BWD71453S, BWD71453W, BWSA61052W, BWSA61053W, BWSA61253W, BWSA71052W, BWSA71252W, BWSC61252, BWSC61252W, BWSD71252W, BWSE E61081W, E61252, E61252S, E61252W, E61281W Models: E71252, E71252S, E71252W, E71452, E71452W, E81252, E81482, E81482W, E81483W, E91083, E910831, ESB1150, ESB1150B, ESB1160AC, ESB1160BC, ESB1850, ESB1850B, ESB1860C, ESC1150, ESC1150B, ESC1160AC, ESC1160BC, ESC1850, EW7125S, EW71280W, EW71280W58lt, EW7145W, EW71680W, EW71680W58lt, EW71680WTW, EWD61052W, EWD61052W-1, EWD61083W, EWD61283W, EWD61452W, EWD61482W, EWD61483W, EWD71051W, EWD71052HK, EWD71052SLM, EWD71052W, EWD71053W, EWD71083SL, EWD71083W Models: EWD71251W, EWD71252W, EWD71452W, EWD71482B, EWD71483W, EWD71682B, EWD81252, EWD81283W, EWD81482, EWD81482S, EWD81482W, EWD91282W, EWD91283W, EWD91482W, EWDC6105W, EWDC6145S, EWDC6145W, EWDC7125, EWDC7145S, EWDC7168W, EWDD7125W, EWDD7145W, EWE EWE61252W, EWE61283W, EWE61652W, EWE71052W, EWE71053W, EWE71083S, EWE71083W, EWE71251B, EWE71252W, EWE71252W-1, EWE71482W, EWE71483W, EWE71483WTH, EWE71682W

Original Quality Fully Compatible Replacement Spare Part

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