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Door Lock Interlock Switch for Beko HTE7616X0 HTE7736CSXCW HTE7736XC0 HTE7746X0

Door Lock Interlock Switch for Beko HTE7616X0 HTE7736CSXCW HTE7736XC0 HTE7746X0

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Door Lock Interlock Switch for Beko Washing Machines / Washer Dryer

Specifications: DK SERIES, T85 1E4 2-3 16(6)A 250V. 3 Contacts

Replaces: Rold DK04494971, Metalflex- ITW ZV447C3

PLEASE NOTE: As some models may use more than one type of lock, please check before purchasing. If in doubt please contact us to verify

Fits Models:

CM10120, CM10120A, CM10120S, CM10121B, CM10140B, CM7100, CM8100, CM8100B, CM8101BB, CM8101T, CM8120BMG, CM9100B, CM9100BMG, CM9101, CM9101BB, CM9101S, CM9102B, CM9102BMG, CM9120, CM9120BI, CM9140BMG, CM960YK, DDWDB7426S1CW, DDWDEX8540430G, DDWDR8540121W, DDWDR8540141G, DDWDX850130G, DDWR1040P44E1W, DDWR860441G, DDWR860441W, DDWX104044E0W, DDWX740430S, DDWX940430W, DDWX94044E0G, DDWX94044E0W, DDWY74042W, DDWY84044G, DDWY940P44EB, DDWY940P44EW, DDWY96044W, DNMBEYONDC7S, DNMC7S, DNME5021200, DNME5021400, DNME502P5412A, DNME502P5412C, DNMHYGIENEC7S, DNMSC7S14WD, DNMTOUCH, DNMYCMLARGE14, DNM_IBALL, DNM_WCP81242I, DNM_WDB7425R2W, EHTV7636XS, EHTV7636XS2, EHTV8736XS, EHTV8736XS0, EHTV8736XS2, EWT10713FN, EWTC9834XSDPT, EWTE8636CSWX0A, EWTV10736XSPTN, EWTV6636XAW, EWTV7636XAW, EWTV7716XS2PT, EWTV7716XSPT, EWTV7734XSDPT, EWTV8636XAW, EWTV8716XS2PT, EWTV8716XSPT, EWTV8833XSSTPT, EWTV8834XSDPT, EWTV8836XS2D, EWTV8836XSD, EWTV9716XSPT, EWTV9736XSPT, EWTV9736XSPTN, EWTV9834XSPT, EX8146ST1

Original Quality Fully Compatible Replacement Spare Part

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