Fan Oven Element 2 Turn 2400w for AEG CB8140 CB8340 CE6100 CE6140 CE8100 CE8140

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Fan Oven Element 2 Turn 2400w for Electrolux AEG 3871425108

Compatible Electrolux AEG Cooker Oven Element - Equivalent to: 3871425108

Specifications: 2400 Watts :: Overall Length 225mm :: Internal Diameter Or Width 205mm :: Terminal Centres 25mm :: Terminal Length 50mm :: Hole Or Stud Centre 55mm :: Plate Width 22mm :: Plate Length 70mm

All sizes are approx and may change due to manufacturer changes however the element provided will be suitable for models listed.

Will fit the following models: AEG: B1180-4-B UK B1180-4-B UK B1180-4-M UK B1180-4-M UK B1180-4-W UK B1180-4-W UK B2100-4-B UK B2100-4-B UK B2100-4-M UK B2100-4-M UK B2100-4-W UK B2100-4-W UK B3101-4-B UK B3101-4-B UK B3101-4-D UK B3101-4-D UK B3101-4-M UK B3101-4-M UK B3101-4-W UK B3101-4-W UK B4101-4-A UK B4101-4-A B4101-4-A UK B4101-4-B UK B4101-4-B B4101-4-B UK B4101-4-M UK B4101-4-M B4101-4-M UK B4101-4-W UK B4101-4-W B4101-4-W UK E2191-4-A UK B6100-1-D CB1180-1-M UK CB1180-1-W UK CB2100-1-B UK CB2100-1-D UK CB2100-1-G UK CB2100-1-M UK CB2100-1-W UK CB2190-1-B UK CB2190-1-W UK CB4100-1-D UK CB4100-1-W UK CB4100-1-W SKAND. CB4140-1-B UK CB4140-1-M UK CB4140-1-W UK CB6100-1-A CB6100-1-B CB6100-1-M UK CB6100-1-M CB6100-1-W UK CB6100-1-W CB8100-1-A CB8100-1-B CB8100-1-M CB8100-1-W CB8140-1-A CB8140-1-B CB8140-1-M CB8140-1-W CB8340-1-A UK CB8340-1-M UK CB8340-1-W UK CE6100-1-A CE6100-1-B CE6100-1-M CE6100-1-W CE6140-1-M CE8100-1-A CE8100-1-B CE8100-1-M CE8100-1-W CE8140-1-B CE8140-1-M CE8140-1-W E2190-1-A CB2190-1-M UK CB4100-1-A UK CB4100-1-A CB4100-1-B CB4100-1-D CB4100-1-M UK CB4100-1-M CB4100-1-W CB4140-1-A CB4140-1-B CB4140-1-M CB4140-1-W CE4100-1-A CE4100-1-B CE4100-1-D CE4100-1-M CE4100-1-W CE4140-1-B CE4140-1-D CE4140-1-M CE4140-1-W Kuppersbusch: EEB655.0MP Electrolux: EOB5627K EOB5627W EOB5627X EOB6697X EOB990W1 FAE M.P.UK EOB990X1 FAE M.P.UK EOB945B1 EOB945GR1 EOB945W1 EOB948K EOB948W EOB948X EOB975B1 EOB975BU1 EOB975GR1 EOB975R1 EOB975W1 EOB5600B UK EOB5600W UK EOB5600X UK EOB5610B UK EOB5610W UK EOB5610X UK EOB5630B UK EOB5630K UK EOB5630W UK EOB5630X UK EOB5665G UK EOB6630B UK EOB6630C UK EOB6630K UK EOB6630U UK EOB6630W UK EOB6630X UK EOB6630XK UK EOB6632K UK EOB6632U UK EOB6632W UK EOB6632X UK EOB6636X UK EOB6696X UK EOC6630W UK EOC6630X UK EOC6690X UK