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Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter for Bosch BSG7 BBZ152HF 491669

Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter for Bosch BSG7 BBZ152HF 491669

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Rectangle Replacement Anti Allergy High Filtration Hepa Filter for Bosch BSG7 series Vacuum Cleaners

Dimensions: 19.7cm x 9.3cm x 3.5cm approx

Equivalent to: 491669, 00491669, 579497, 00579497

Fits models: BBZ152HF(00) BSG71370UC/03 BSG71830AU/01 BSG71840/03 BZ152HFUC(00) BSG71370UC/07 BSG71830AU/03 BSG71840/04 BSG71266/07 BSG71370UC/13 BSG71830AU/04 BSG71840/05 BSG71266/11 BSG71636/11 BSG71830AU/07 BSG71840/07 BSG71266GB/07 BSG71666/07 BSG71835/01 BSG71842/04 BSG71360UC/02 BSG71666/14 BSG71835/03 BSG71842/07 BSG71360UC/03 BSG71830/01 BSG71835/04 BSG71842/10 BSG71360UC/07 BSG71830/03 BSG71835/07 BSG71842/16 BSG71360UC/13 BSG71830/04 BSG71840/01 BSG71866AU/01 BSG71370UC/02 BSG71830/07 BSG71840/02 BSG71866AU/03 BSG71866AU/04 BSG72077/01 BSG72222/07 BSG72226/11 BSG71866AU/07 BSG72077/03 BSG72222/11 BSG72230/07 BSG71877/07 BSG72077/04 BSG72223/11 BSG72230/11 BSG72025GB/07 BSG72077/07 BSG72223/15 BSG72230/15 BSG72070GB/07

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