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Vacuum Cleaner Hepa Filter for Bosch BSGL4 BSG6 BBZ153HF 572234

Vacuum Cleaner Hepa Filter for Bosch BSGL4 BSG6 BBZ153HF 572234

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Hepa Filter for Bosch Allergy Vacuum Cleaner 572234 / 00572234

Replacement Anti Allergy High Filtration Hepa Filter to fit Bosch Vacuum Cleaners

Fully compatible high quality direct replacement filter Equivalent to: 572234

Fits Models: BSG61831/01 BSG62022/03 BSG62282/03 BSG61266/03 BBZ153HF(00) BSG61831/02 BSG62030/03 BSGL31266/03 BSG61267/03 BSG61831/03 BSG62082/02 BSGL32115/03 BSG61666/03 BSG61832/02 BSG62082/03 BSGL32125/03 BSG61666GB/03 BSG61832/03 BSG62085/02 BSGL32222/03 BSG61822GB/02 BSG61870GB/02 BSG62085/03 BSGL3222RU/03 BSG61822GB/03 BSG61870GB/03 BSG62085/04 BSGL32383/03 BSG61830/01 BSG61877/03 BSG6208COE/03 BSGL4000GB/01 BSG61830/02 BSG61877GB/02 BSG6208COE/04 BSGL41266/01 BSG61830/03 BSG61877GB/03 BSG62185/04 BSGL41666/01 BSGL41674/01 BSGL42281/01 BX32130/02 BX32187GB/02 BSGL42223/01 BSGL42282/01 BX32130/03 BX32187GB/03 BSGL42232/01 BX32082/01 BX32131/04 BX32430GB/05 BSGL4223AU/01 BX32082/02 BX32131/05 BX32531/05 BSGL42280/01 BX32082/03 BX32132/05

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