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For Belling Cannon Jackson Grill Oven Element C00233740

For Belling Cannon Jackson Grill Oven Element C00233740

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Belling Cannon Jackson Grill Oven Element C00233740


Belling Cannon Indesit Grill Element 1200W Equivalent to: C00233740 Will fit the following models: HOTPOINT:6166B 6166P 6505P 6509B 6510B 6510P 6511B 6511P6512B 6512P 6515B 6515P 6550B 6550P 6551B 6551P 6596B 6596B MK26596P 6596P MK2 6DOCK 6DOCW BD31B BD31BMK2 BD31GMK2 BD31NMK2 BD31PBD31PMK2 BD32B BD32K BD32N BD32P BD32T BD35AL BD42SS BD51D BD51GBD51N BD51X BD81B BD81G BD81N BD81P BD81S BD81YS BU61B BU61P BU62BBU62G BU62N BU62P BU62S BU62X BU62YS BU65AL C262EKH C262ESH C262EWHC361EWH C362EKH C362ESH C362EWH C363EXH C366EKH C366ESH C366EWH DD77CHDD77I DT77X DY46B DY46K DY46W DY46X EG53N EG53P EG53S EG54G EG54PEG54T EG71G EG71N EG71P EG72N EG72N MK2 EG72N MK3 EG72P EG72P MK2EG72P MK3 EG72S EG72S MK2 EG72S MK3 EG95C EG95L EH30P EH31P EH32LEH32P EW61B EW61P EW62G EW62N EW62P EW63P EW71P EW72N EW72P EW72SEW73G EW73P EW73T EW76X EW81G EW81N EW81P EW83G EW83K EW83P EW83TEW86X S130EB S130EBH S130EK S130EKH S130EW S130EWH S130EX S130EXHS220EBH S220EKH S220EWH S220EXH SPC61K SPC61W UD47CH UD47I UT47XUY46B UY46K UY46W UY46XCREDA:40073 40075 40076 40077 40078 40142 40143 4394143942 43943 43944 43945 43946 43991 43992 48150 48160 48167 48167T48168 48168T 48169 48183 48184 48189 48190 48195 48327 48330 4834048341 48342 48343 48344 48345 48346 48350 48355 48361 48362 4836348364 48365 48366 48367 48368 48401 48407 48411 48412 48413484130000L 48413T 48414 484140000L 48414T 48423 48424 48424T 4890348904 48906 48908 48909 49229 49401 494170000L 49502 495020000L 4951149513 49514 49515 49517 49518 49519 49521 49701 49702 49703 C260EDC260EG C260EW C261ED C261EG C261EW C262EK C262ES C262EW C360ED C360EGC360EW C361ED C361EE C361EG C361EK C361EW C362EK C362ES C362EW C363EXC365ED C365EG C365EW C366EK C366ES C366EW EDCB60 EDCG60 EDCG61 EDCS65EDCW60 EDCW61 EDHB60 EDHG60 EDHG61 EDHW60 EDHW61 N230ED N230EK N230EWR365ER S220EB S220EK S220EW S220EX SPC60W48401 48415 484150000C494180000C 49512BELLING:130W BU 130W CA 130W CH 130W GR 130W ST 132W BU132W CA 132W CH 132W GR 132W ST 135 CA 135 CH 135 GR 150 CA 150 CH 150GR 150 ST 152 CA 152 GR 152 ST 215 GR 215 SA 215 WH 216 CH 216 SA 426WH 612 BL 612 WH 613 WH 623 BL 623 GR 623 IV 623 WH 627H BL 627H BU627H GR 627H WH 629 SS 630 AL 630 SS 637 BL 637 BU 637 SI 637 WH 644BL 644 GR 644 SI 644 WH 645 CR 646H SI 646H WH 647 AL 647 ST 648HM BL648HM BU 648HM SI 648HM WH 652 BL 652 SI 652 WH 653H BL 653H WH 657HST XOU481 BR XOU481 GR XOU481 WH XOU482 BL XOU482 SI XOU482 WH XOU482SSST XOU492 BL XOU492 BU XOU492 GR XOU492 SI XOU492 ST XOU492 WH XOU493AL XOU592 BL XOU592 BU XOU592 GR XOU592 SI XOU592 ST XOU592 WH XOU593 ALINDESIT:FDE20BK FDE20IX FDE20WH FDU20IX FDU20WH FID20BKFID20IX FID20WH FIDM20IX FIU20BK FIU20IX FIU20WH KD641EM KD641EWKD641EX KD643EW KD643EX KD6C0EW KD6C7EM KD6C7EW KD6C7EX KD6C8EWKD6C8EX KP100CX KP100IXManufacturers Names & Numbers are for Reference purposes only!

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