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For BOSCH NEFF Dishwasher Wheel UPPER BASKET WHEELS x 8 - 424717

For BOSCH NEFF Dishwasher Wheel UPPER BASKET WHEELS x 8 - 424717

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Upper Wheel Kit

8 Pack - Please note item may vary as shown in listing images

Equivalent to: 424717

Other Product Codes - 028021 045222 066321 152111 382452 382463 382469

Fits Models:

BOSCH 0730102784 0730102817(00) 0730202706(00) SMI2011GB/11 SMI2011GB/13 SMI2011GB/14 SMI2011GB/15 SMI2011GB/20 SMI2012GB/11 SMI2012GB/13 SMI2012GB/14 SMI2012GB/15 SMI2012GB/20 SMI2021GB/01 SMI2021GB/03 SMI2021GB/08 SMI2021GB/11 SMI2022GB/01 SMI2022GB/03 SMI2022GB/07 SMI2022GB/08 SMI2022GB/11 SMI2022GB/13 SMI2031GB/11 SMI2031GB/13 SMI2031GB/14 SMI2031GB/17 SMI2031GB/20 SMI2032GB/11 SMI2032GB/13 SMI2032GB/14 SMI2032GB/15 SMI2032GB/17 SMI2032GB/20 SMI4040GB/11 SMI4040GB/13 SMI4040GB/14 SMI4040GB/20 SMI4042GB/11 SMI4042GB/13 SMI4042GB/14 SMI4042GB/20 SMI4702GB/01 SMI4702GB/02 SMI4702GB/07 SMI4702GB/09 SMI4705GB/07 SMI4705GB/09 SMI4706GB/01 SMI4706GB/02 SMI4706GB/03 SMI4706GB/07 SMI4706GB/09 SMI5021GB/03 SMI5021GB/05 SMI5021GB/08 SMI5022GB/01 SMI5022GB/03 SMI5022GB/05 SMI5022GB/08 SMI5081GB/08 SMI5081GB/11 SMI5081GB/13 SMI5081GB/14 SMI5081GB/20 SMI5082GB/08 SMI5082GB/11 SMI5082GB/13 SMI5082GB/14 SMI5082GB/17 SMI5082GB/20 SMI5084GB/08 SMI5084GB/11 SMI5084GB/14 SMI5084GB/17 SMI5084GB/20 SMI5086GB/08 SMI5086GB/11 SMI5086GB/13 SMI5086GB/14 SMI5086GB/17 SMI5086GB/20 SMI5502GB/01 SMI5502GB/03 SMI5502GB/05 SMI5502GB/07 SMI5505GB/03 SMI5505GB/05 SMI5505GB/07 SMI5506GB/01 SMI5506GB/03 SMI5506GB/05 SMI5506GB/07 SMI6021/01 SMI6021/03 SMI6021AU/01 SMI6021CH/01 SMI6021CH/02 SMI6021CH/03 SMI6021CH/04 SMI6021GB/01 SMI6021GB/03 SMI6021GB/08 SMI6021II/01 SMI6021II/03 SMI6021II/08 SMI6021JJ/01 SMI6021JK/01 SMI6021SK/01 SMI6021SK/11 SMI6022GB/01 SMI6022GB/03 SMI6022GB/08 SMI6702GB/01 SMI6702GB/02 SMI6702GB/03 SMI6702GB/07 SMI6702GB/09 SMI6706GB/01 SMI6706GB/02 SMI6706GB/03 SMI6706GB/07 SMI6706GB/09 SMI7071GB/08 SMI7071GB/11 SMI7071GB/14 SMI7072GB/08 SMI7072GB/11 SMI7072GB/14 SMI9022GB/01 SMI9022GB/08 SMI9022GB/11 SMI9022GB/14 SMS2011GB/01 SMS2011GB/03 SMS2012GB/03 SMS2012GB/08 SMS2012GB/11 SMS2012GB/14 SMS2012GB/15 SMS2012GB/20 SMS21003/00 SMS2100H/01 SMS3042GB/01 SMS3042GB/03 SMS3042GB/08 SMS3042GB/11 SMS3042GB/12 SMS3042GB/14 SMS3057GB/03 SMS3452GB/03 SMS3452GB/08 SMS4012GB/01 SMS4012GB/03 SMS4042GB/11 SMS4042GB/14 SMS4042GB/20 SMS4052GB/01 SMS4072GB/01 SMS41025/00 SMS41025/01 SMS4452GB/03 SMS4452GB/08 SMS4452GB/11 SMS4452GB/14 SMS4452GB/20 SMS4462GB/03 SMS4462GB/08 SMS4462GB/11 SMS4472GB/14 SMS4472GB/20 SMS4482GB/14 SMS4482GB/20 SMS5011GB/01 SMS5011GB/03 SMS5012GB/01 SMS5012GB/03 SMS5012GB/08 SMS5012GB/11 SMS5018GB/01 SMS5018GB/03 SMS5018GB/11 SMS5032GB/03 SMS5032GB/08 SMS5032GB/11 SMS5032GB/14 SMS5032GB/19 SMS5032GB/20 SMS5058GB/01 SMS5058GB/08 SMS5058GB/11 SMS5058GB/14 SMS5058GB/19 SMS5058GB/20 SMS5082GB/11 SMS5082GB/14 SMS5082GB/19 SMS5082GB/20 SMS5092GB/11 SMS5092GB/12 SMS5092GB/14 SMS51003/00 SMS51003/01 SMS51005/00 SMS51025/00 SMS51025/01 SMS6011GB/01 SMS6011GB/03 SMS6012GB/14 SMS6012GB/20 SMS6032GB/03 SMS6032GB/08 SMS6032GB/11 SMS6032GB/14 SMS6032GB/16 SMS6032GB/19 SMS6032GB/20 SMS6052GB/01 SMS61005/01 SMS6502GB/01 SMS6502GB/03 SMS6502GB/05 SMS6502GB/06 SMS6502GB/07 SMS6702GB/01 SMS6702GB/02 SMS6702GB/03 SMS6702GB/04 SMS6702GB/07 SMS6702GB/09 SMS7052GB/01 SMS9022GB/01 SMS9022GB/08 SMS9022GB/11 SMS9022GB/14 SMS9022GB/20 SMU2011GB/01 SMU2011GB/03 SMV4403GB/18 SMV4403GB/19 SMV4403GB/20 SMV5503GB/01 SMV5503GB/03 SMV5503GB/05 SMV5503GB/06 SMV5503GB/07 SPI5320GB/01 SPI5320GB/06 SPI5320GB/07 SPI5320GB/09 SPI5320GB/11 SPI5320GB/13 SPI53225/01 SPI53225/06 SPI53225/07 SPI53225/09 SPI53225/11 SPI53225/13 SPI5430GB/01 SPI5430GB/02 SPI5430GB/03 SPI5430GB/04 SPI5430GB/06 SPI5432GB/01 SPI5432GB/02 SPI5432GB/03 SPI5432GB/04 SPI5432GB/06 SPS2032GB/01 SPS2100GB/00 SPS2100GB/01 SPS2100GB/06 SPS2100GB/07 SPS2102GB/00 SPS2102GB/01 SPS2102GB/06 SPS2102GB/07 SPS2102GB/10 SPS2102GB/11 SPS2102GB/13 SPS2432GB/01 SPS2432GB/03 SPS2432GB/04 SPS2432GB/06 SPS2462GB/18 SPS2462GB/19 SPS5021GB/01 SPS5021GB/06 SPS5021GB/07 SPS51225/01 SPS51225/06 SPS51225/07 SPS51225/11 SPS51225/13 SPS5432GB/01 SPS5432GB/03 SPS5432GB/04 SPS5432GB/06 SPS5432GB/07 SPS5442GB/04 SPS5442GB/06 SPS5462GB/18 SPS5462GB/19 SPS6122GB/01 SPS6122GB/06 SPS6122GB/07 SPS6432GB/01 SPS6432GB/03 SPS6432GB/04 SPS6432GB/05 SPS6432GB/06 SPS6432GB/07 SPS6462GB/06 SPV4503GB/05 SPV4503GB/06


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