For Hotpoint Washing Machine Drum Paddle / Lifter VERSION 3 C00112681

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Hotpoint Washing Machine Drum Paddle / Lifter VERSION 3


Type V3 (if You Look On The End There Is 3 Little Lugs This Is How You Tell If Its Version 3)

Compares To: C00112681 - PROVIDED IN BLUE OR WHITE

To fit the following models:

A1200WD A1235 A1237 A100SWD A136 A137 A1600WD A1636 A1637 AMXXF19 AMXXL120 AMXXL129 AVD120 AVL17 AVXXF129 AVXXF137 AVXXF17 AVXXF19 AVXXL105 AVXXL109 AVXXL120 AVXXL127 AVXXL129 AVXXL19 AW129 FEW10 FEW12 W200 WD20 WD0 WD60 WD65 WD860 WD865 WDL50 WF100 WF101 WF210 WF215 WF220 WF225 WF250 WF310 WF320 WF321 WF30 WF350 WF355 WF30 WF0 WF530 WF50 WF51 WF55 WF620 WF630 WF65 WF730 WF70 WF75 WF760 WF860 WIXX166 WIXXL106 WIXXL16 WIXXL26 WIXXL86 WMA20 WMA22 WMA5 WMA50 WMA52 WMA5 WMA56 WMA57 WMA58 WMA7 WMA76 WMD90 WMD960 WML50 WML560 WML70 WML760WMM53 WMM59 WMM75 WT50 WT60 WT721 WT75 WT76 WT760 WT90 WT901 WT960 WT965

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