For MIELE Active Airclean CARBON FILTER S4000 S5000 S6000 SF-AAC50 7226150

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MIELE Active Airclean CARBON FILTER S4000 S5000 S6000 Series SF-AAC50



Compares to: 7226150

Will fit the following models:
S4000 S5000 & S6000 Series Miele ECOLINE S4210 S4780 S5261 ELECTRONIC 4300 S4211 S4781 S5280 MATCHWINNER S4212 S4782 S5310MEDICAIR PLUS 4000 S4260 S5 S5360MEDICAIR PLUS 5000 S4280 S5000 S5380 PRIMA VERA S4510 S5210 S5510PRIMAVERA S4511 S5211 S5520S2110 S4560 S5220 S5560 S4 S4562 S5221 S5580 S4000 S4580 S5260 S5710 S5760 S5980 SFAAC50 TOTAL CARE 5000 S5780 SF AAC 50 TOTAL CARE ECOLINE S4210 S4780 S5280 ELECTRONIC 4300 S4211 S4781 S5310 MATCHWINNER S4212 S4782 S5360 MEDICAIR PLUS 4000 S4260 S5 S5380 MEDICAIR PLUS 5000 S4280 S5000 S5510 PRIMA VERA S4510 S5210 S5520 PRIMAVERA S4511 S5211 S5560 S2110 S4560 S5220 S5580 S4 S4562 S5221 S5710 S4000 S4580 S5260 S5760 S5780 SF AAC 50 TOTAL CARE TOTAL CARE 5000 S5980 SFAAC50

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