For Miele FJM Dust Bags S6220 Cat & Dog High Filtration x 10 Pack

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Miele FJM Dust Bags S6220 Cat & Dog High Filtration x 10 Pack


Cloth Vacuum Bag
Pack 10

Will fit the following models:
S241 to S256
S290 to S291
S300i to S399
S500 to S678
S700 to S758
S4000 to S4999
S6000 to S6999

Miele S6210 Power Sprint Miele S2111 Autumn Cat & Dog Revolution 500 & 700 Revolution Power Plus 700 S247I S300 S3161-2 S331i S248i S300i S316i S334 S250 S301I S318I S336I S251 S310I S321-2 S338I S2511 S311I S321I S342i S251i S312I S322I S344I S256I S312i S323I S346I S290 S312I-2 S324I S347I S290I S313I S326I S348 S291 S315I S328I S348I S348I S382 S4441 S500I S356I S384 S4510 S501 S370 S388 S4511 S510 S371 S4210 S4560 S511 S372 S4211 S4580 S511-1 S373 S4212 S4581 S512 S374 S4221 S4711 S512-1 S378 S4260 S4780 S512I S380 S4280 S4781 S513 S381 S4281 S500 S514S 514-1 S526 S560 S712 S515-1 S528 S566I S712-1 S516 S534 S570 S714 S516-1 S536 S571 S714-1 S517 S538 S572 S715 S518 S544 S578 S716 S518-1 S548 S710 S716-1 S521 S548I S710-1 S717 S524 S550 S711 S718 S524I S556 S711-1 S718-1 S724 S734 S744 S749 S726 S736 S745 S758 S728 S738 S748

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