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Washing Machine Heater Heating Element for Siemens WH WIQ WM12 WM14 WXB WXL WXLM WXLP WXLS 2000w - 12029196, 12042284

Washing Machine Heater Heating Element for Siemens WH WIQ WM12 WM14 WXB WXL WXLM WXLP WXLS 2000w - 12029196, 12042284

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Washing Machine Heater element for Bosch MAXX 2000W

Compatible Bosch, Neff, Siemens

Length: 240 x 140mm

Replaces Genuine Part Numbers: 00265961, 12029196, 12042284, 265961

Fits models:

B6774N0GB/05 S54M45X5GB/01 W4380X1GB/01 W5320X0GB/05 W5320X0GB/14 W5320X0GB/18 W5340X0GB/01 W5340X0GB/10 W5340X0GB/20 W5340X0GB/26 WAA20160GB/01 WAA24160GB/01 WAA24161GB/01 WAA28160GB/01 WAA28160GB/04 WAA28161GB/09 WAE24162GB/03 WAE24162UK/01 WAE24162UK/08 WAE24162UK/10 WAE2416SGB/01 WAE2416SGB/04 WAE2416SGB/08 WAE2416SGB/10 WAE24260GB/01 WAE24260GB/04 WAE24363GB/02 WAE24363GB/05 WAE24464GB/03 WAE24465GB/01 WAE24465GB/03 WAE24465GB/05 WAE24467GB/05 WAE2446SGB/01 WAE24470GB/08 WAE28162GB/03 WAE28162GB/05 WAE28162GB/11 WAE28363GB/02 WAE28464GB/03 WAE28464GB/05 WAE28465GB/01 WAE28465GB/03 WAE28467GB/05 WAE2846SGB/01 WAE2846SGB/04 WAE32464GB/01 WAE32464GB/10 WAE32464UK/01 WAS24466GB/04 WAS24466GB/05 WAS28466GB/03 WAS28466GB/05 WAS28466GB/08 WAS32466GB/03 WET2820GB/13 WFD2073GB/05 WFD2073GB/06 WFD2471GB/08 WFD2473GB/08 WFF1401GB/01 WFF1800GB/01 WFF2000GB/12 WFF2000GB/14 WFF2001GB/01 WFK2200GB/11 WFL2000GB/01 WFL2000UK/01 WFL2060GB/12 WFL2062GB/12 WFL2063GB/01 WFL2063GB/12 WFL2066GB/01 WFL2066GB/06 WFL2066GB/08 WFL2067GB/01 WFL2067GB/14 WFL2067GB/16 WFL2067GB/17 WFL2080/01 WFL2260GB/01 WFL2260UK/01 WFL2260UK/04 WFL2260UK/12 WFL226LGB/01 WFL2450GB/01 WFL2450GB/04 WFL2450UK/04 WFL2450UK/12 WFL245SGB/04 WFL2462GB/12 WFL2463FG/01 WFL2463GB/12 WFL246KGB/04 WFL246SGB/01 WFL247GNL/01 WFL2860GB/01 WFL2871GB/01 WFL2871UK/03 WFL2872GB/01 WFL2872GB/05 WFL2872GB/06 WFL2872GB/07 WFL2872NL/15 WFLI2440GB/01 WFLI2440GB/05 WFLI2440GB/10 WFLI2440GB/14 WFLI2440GB/18 WFO2064GB/01 WFO2260GB/01 WFO2264GB/01 WFO2265GB/01 WFO2460GB/01 WFO2464GB/01 WFO2465GB/01 WFO2466GB/01 WFO2466GB/05 WFO2466GB/07 WFO2467GB/01 WFO2467GB/15 WFO2467GB/17 WFO2467GB/18 WFO285SGB/01 WFO285SGB/08 WFO2860/01 WFO2860GB/01 WFO2861FF/08 WFO2864GB/01 WFO2865GB/01 WFO2865GB/08 WFO2865UK/01 WFO2866GB/01 WFO2866GB/05 WFO2866GB/07 WFO2867GB/01 WFO2867GB/12 WFO2867GB/15 WFO2867GB/16 WFO2867GB/17 WFO2867GB/18 WFR2460GB/01 WFR2466GB/01 WFR2860GB/01 WFR2866GB/01 WFR2867GB/01 WFR2867UK/04 WFR2867UK/05 WFR2868GB/05 WFR2869GB/11 WFR2869GB/13 WFR3267GB/01 WFR3269GB/05 WFT2800GB/01 WFT2800GB/13 WFX145SGB/01 WFX145SGB/10 WFX145SGB/11 WFX148SGB/11 WFX148SGB/15 WFX148SGB/20 WFX148SGB/24 WFX2467GB/01 WFX2467GB/06 WFX2467GB/09 WFX2467GB/10 WFX2468GB/01 WFX2468GB/20 WFX2468GB/25 WFX2867GB/01 WFX2867GB/06 WFX2867GB/09 WFX2867GB/10 WFX2868GB/01 WFX2868GB/17 WFX2868GB/20 WFX2868GB/24 WFX2868GB/25 WFX2868GB/26 WFX3267GB/01 WFX3267GB/03 WFX3267GB/10 WFX3267GB/11 WFX3268GB/20 WFX3268GB/23 WFXI2840GB/01 WFXI2840GB/05 WFXI2840GB/10 WFXI2840GB/15 WFXI2840GB/20 WFXI2840GB/24 WH54080UK/12 WH54480GB/04 WH54880GB/01 WIQ1430EU/01 WIQ1430EU/02 WIQ1430GB/01 WIQ1433GB/01 WIQ1433GB/02 WIQ1434GB/03 WIQ1435GB/01 WIQ1435GB/05 WIQ1632GB/01 WIQ1633GB/01 WIQ1633GB/02 WIQ1634GB/03 WIS24140GB/07 WM12E44SGB/01 WM12E468GB/07 WM14E141GB/09 WM14E141GB/11 WM14S392GB/05 WM14S392GB/10 WM5487AGB/04 WM6147E/01 WOP2400GB/02 WOP2400GB/03S WXB1260GB/08 WXL125SGB/01 WXL132GB/01 WXL140GB/01 WXL142GB/01 WXL142GB/08 WXL146AGB/01 WXL146AGB/07 WXL146AGB/09 WXL147AGB/09 WXL147AGB/15 WXL147AGB/18 WXL147AGB/19 WXL147AUK/19 WXL148AUK/19 WXL166AGB/01 WXL167AGB/10 WXL167AGB/16 WXLI1240GB/05 WXLI1240GB/10 WXLI1240GB/14 WXLI1240GB/17 WXLI1240GB/18 WXLI4240GB/01 WXLI4240GB/10 WXLI4240GB/24 WXLM112GB/04 WXLM1200/24 WXLM122GB/04 WXLM1260GB/27 WXLM146AGB/03 WXLM146AGB/05 WXLM148AGB/08 WXLM148AGB/10 WXLM148AGB/14 WXLM148AGB/17 WXLM148AGB/19 WXLM148AUK/19 WXLM166AGB/08 WXLM166AGB/10 WXLM168AGB/15 WXLP145AGB/01 WXLP145AGB/10 WXLP146AGB/15 WXLP146AGB/20 WXLP146AGB/24 WXLP146AGB/26 WXLP165AGB/03 WXLP165AGB/10 WXLS122GB/01 WXLS122GB/05 WXLS140GB/01 WXLS143GB/01 WXLS143GB/05 WXLS162GB/01 WXLS162GB/05

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