For Vax Hepa Filter Kit (Type 4) Essentials Pet VEU-21 Infinity Vax V-044B

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For Vax Hepa Filter Kit (Type 4) Essentials Pet VEU-21 Infinity by For Vax V-044B

Compatible TYPE 4 Kit Hepa Filter Kit

Suitable for Vax Vacuum Cleaners

1 x Central filter 1 x Pre-Motor filter

Equivalent to: 1-1-126184-00 / 1112618400

Will Fit the following Models: U89-CX3-B-A U88-P1-B Power 1 U89-P2-VX Power VX2 Cadence V-044 Cadence V-044T Cadence V-044AA Centrix 3 U89-CX3-B-A Essentials VEU-11 Essentials VEU-102 Essentials VEU-103 Essentials Pet VEU-21 Infinity by Vax V-044B Performance U91-PF-B-T Power 1 U91-P1 Power 1 Pet U91-P1P Power 1 Pet U90-P1-P Power 1 Scent of Summer U90-P1-O Power 2 U91-P2 Power 2 U90-P2-B Power 2 Anniversary Edition U91-P2-AN Power 2 Pet U91-P2P Power 2 Pet U90-P2-P Power 2 Scent of Summer U90-P2-O Power VX 2 U89-P2-VX Powermax VRS1-B Powermax VRS1-R Powermax VRS3B Powermax VRS3R Vax 1200 X-003 Vax 1400 X-003B Vax 1500 X-003T Vax Lightweight V-044AP


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