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Fan Oven Cooker Heating Element for Whirlpool, Indesit - 481225998405, C00311124, ES1019722

Fan Oven Cooker Heating Element for Whirlpool, Indesit - 481225998405, C00311124, ES1019722

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Fan Oven Cooker Heating Element for Whirlpool - 481225998405

2 Turn Circular Element, 2400W (Provided with earth terminal, suitable for models where element has no earth terminal)

Replaces Genuine Part Number: C00311124, C00312422, 481225998405, 481925928823

Dimensions: Length 220mm :: Width 185mm :: Bracket 70mm Approx

PLEASE NOTE: Due to some models using more than one type, please check before ordering

Fits models:


6AKP124IX, 6AKP124WH, 6AKP512IX, 6AKP613IX01, 6AKP613WH01, 6AKZ144IX, 6AKZ148IX, 6AKZ148WH, 6AKZ152IX, 6AKZ152NB, 6AKZ152WH, 6AKZ166IX, 6AKZ166WH, 6AKZ167IX, 6AKZ167IX01, 6AKZ167WH, 6AKZ167WH01, 6AKZ186IX, 6AKZ186WH, 6AKZ189IX, 6AKZ189NB, 6AKZ191IX, 6AKZ452IX, 6AKZ452IX01, 6AKZ452WH, 6AKZ452WH01, 6AKZ486IX, 6AKZ486IX01, AKL876-IX-01, AKL876-IX-02, AKL889 AKL889IX, AKL889WH, AKL899-IX-01, AKL899-IX-02, AKP AKP118IX, AKP118NB, AKP118WH, AKP129WH, AKP159IX, AKP161-IX, AKP161IX, AKP200IX, AKP519AV, AKP519WH, AKP526-01 AKP529WH, AKP595AV, AKP625AV, AKP625NB, AKP625WH, AKP690-WH, AKP690AV, AKP690BR, AKP690WH, AKP695AV, AKP695WH, AKS AKZ AKZ100AV, AKZ101IX, AKZ106IX, AKZ106WH, AKZ113IX, AKZ113NB, AKZ113WH, AKZ119IX, AKZ124IX, AKZ124MR, AKZ124NB, AKZ124WH, AKZ130AV, AKZ130IX, AKZ130NB, AKZ130WH, AKZ13101IX, AKZ131AL, AKZ131AV, AKZ131IX, AKZ131IX01, AKZ131NB, AKZ131NB01, AKZ131WH, AKZ132IX, AKZ150AV, AKZ150GR, AKZ150IX, AKZ150NB, AKZ150WH, AKZ151AR, AKZ151AV, AKZ151GR, AKZ151IX, AKZ151NA, AKZ151WH, AKZ154AV, AKZ154IX, AKZ154NB, AKZ154WH, AKZ155AR, AKZ155GR, AKZ155JA, AKZ155NA, AKZ155WH, AKZ157IX, AKZ157NB, AKZ157WH, AKZ158AV, AKZ158IX, AKZ158WH, AKZ159IX, AKZ159WH, AKZ160AV, AKZ160NB, AKZ160WH, AKZ161-AV-01, AKZ161-IX-01, AKZ161-IX-02, AKZ161-IX-04, AKZ161-WH-02, AKZ161-WH-04, AKZ16103IX, AKZ16103WH, AKZ161AV, AKZ161AV01, AKZ161AV02, AKZ161GR, AKZ161IX, AKZ161IX01, AKZ161IX02, AKZ161WH, AKZ161WH01, AKZ161WH02, AKZ162IX, AKZ162WH, AKZ16301IX, AKZ163IX, AKZ164IX, AKZ164NB, AKZ165AV, AKZ165IX, AKZ165WH, AKZ169IX, AKZ169NB, AKZ169WH, AKZ170AV, AKZ170IX, AKZ170NB, AKZ170WH, AKZ171IX, AKZ171NB, AKZ171WH, AKZ172IX, AKZ178AV, AKZ178IX, AKZ178NB, AKZ178WH, AKZ179IX, AKZ179NB, AKZ179WH, AKZ180IX, AKZ180NB, AKZ181IX, AKZ181NB, AKZ181WH, AKZ182IX, AKZ182NB, AKZ182WH, AKZ183IX, AKZ184IX, AKZ184NB, AKZ184WH, AKZ185AV, AKZ185IX, AKZ185WH, AKZ187AL, AKZ187AV, AKZ187IX, AKZ187WH, AKZ188IX, AKZ188WH, AKZ189IX, AKZ189WH, AKZ190IX, AKZ190IX01, AKZ193IX, AKZ194IX, AKZ194NB, AKZ194WH, AKZ195-IX-03, AKZ19501IX, AKZ195AV, AKZ195AV01, AKZ195AV02, AKZ195IX, AKZ195IX02, AKZ195IX03, AKZ195NB, AKZ195WH, AKZ195WH01, AKZ195WH02, AKZ196IX, AKZ196NB, AKZ196WH, AKZ220IX, AKZ220NB, AKZ223AL, AKZ223IX, AKZ223IX01, AKZ223IX02, AKZ223NB01, AKZ223WH01, AKZ224AV, AKZ224IX, AKZ224NB, AKZ224WH, AKZ230AV, AKZ230IX, AKZ230NB, AKZ230WH, AKZ231AL, AKZ231AV, AKZ231IX, AKZ231IX01, AKZ231NB, AKZ231WH, AKZ232AV, AKZ232IX, AKZ232NB, AKZ232WH, AKZ241IX, AKZ275IX, AKZ275NB, AKZ275WH, AKZ276IX, AKZ276NB, AKZ276NB01, AKZ276WH, AKZ276WH01, AKZ277IX, AKZ285AV, AKZ285IX, AKZ285NB, AKZ285WH, AKZ286IX, AKZ286NB, AKZ286WH, AKZ287IX, AKZ319IX, AKZ319IX01, AKZ319IX02, AKZ319IX03, AKZ319NB02, AKZ320IX, AKZ320MR, AKZ431NB01, AKZ431WH, AKZ431WH01, AKZ433IX, AKZ435IX, AKZ444IX, AKZ444MR, AKZ444NB, AKZ444WH, AKZ446AV, AKZ446IX, AKZ446WH, AKZ447IX, AKZ447IX02, AKZ447IX03, AKZ447IX04, AKZ447MR, AKZ447MR01, AKZ447MR04, AKZ447TI, AKZ447TI04, AKZ448IX, AKZ448IX01, AKZ448TI, AKZ449IX, AKZ449NB, AKZ449WH, AKZ450GR, AKZ450GR01, AKZ451-IX-02, AKZ451-IX-04, AKZ451-IX-05, AKZ451-IX-06, AKZ451-WH-06, AKZ451AV, AKZ451AV01, AKZ451IX, AKZ451IX01, AKZ451NB01, AKZ451WH, AKZ451WH01, AKZ454AL, AKZ454IX, AKZ454IX01, AKZ469IX, AKZ471IX, AKZ471NB, AKZ471WH, AKZ472IX, AKZ472IX01, AKZ472NB, AKZ472NB01, AKZ472WH, AKZ475IX01, AKZ487IX, AKZ489IX, AKZ490IX, AKZ493IX, AKZ493IX01, AKZ493IX02, AKZ493IX03, AKZ494IX, AKZ495IX, AKZ496IX, AKZ497IX, AKZ498IX, AKZ498IX01, AKZ499IX, AKZ499TI, AKZ503IX, AKZ503WH, AKZ506IX, AKZ506WH, AKZ507IX, AKZ532IX, AKZ550IX, AKZ550TI, AKZ551IX, AKZ554IX, AKZ555IX, AKZ576IX, AKZ576NB, AKZ577IX, AKZ577NB, AKZ586IX, AKZ587IX, AKZ644IX, AKZ644MR, AKZ644NB, AKZ644WH, AKZ646IX, AKZ646NB, AKZ646WH, AKZ649IX, AKZ650IX, AKZ651IX, AKZ651NB, AKZ651WH, AKZ659IX, AKZ659NB, AKZ659WH, AKZ660IX, AKZ669IX, AKZ669IX01, AKZ669IX02, AKZ669IX03, AKZ669IX04, AKZ669NB04, AKZ672IX, AKZ672NB, AKZ672WH, AKZ673IX, AKZ673NB, AKZ673WH, AKZ674IX, AKZ674NB, AKZ674WH, AKZ675IX, AKZ675NB, AKZ676IX, AKZ676IX01, AKZ676NB, AKZ676NB01, AKZ676TI, AKZ676TI01, AKZ676WH, AKZ676WH01, AKZ677IX, AKZ679IX, AKZ679IX01, AKZ679IX02, AKZ679IX07, AKZ680IX, AKZ800IX, AKZ800NB, AKZ800WH, AKZ801IX, AKZ801IX01, AKZ802IX, AKZ802NB, AKZ802WH, AKZ803IX, AKZ804IX, AKZ810IX, G2P61F01SRSS, G2P61F01SRWH, G2P61FBK01, G2P61FBR, G2P61FSS, G2P61FSS01, G2P61FWH, G2P61FWH01, G2P62FBK01, G2P62FBR, G2P62FSS, G2P62FSS01, G2P62FWH, G2P62FWH01, G2P63RBD, G2P63RBK, G2P63RBK01, G2P63RGR, G2P63RGR01, G2P63RWH, G2P63RWH01, G2P64FBR, G2P64FSS, G2P64FWH, G2P90FBR, G2P90FFSS, G2P90FSS, G2P90FSS01, G2P90FWH, G2P90FWH01, G2P91RBK, G2P91RGR, G2P91RWH, KOMS6605IX, LPR82501

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