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Fan Oven Cooker Heating Element For Ignis, Ikea, Bauknecht & Prima

Fan Oven Cooker Heating Element For Ignis, Ikea, Bauknecht & Prima

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Fan Oven Cooker Heating Element For Ignis, Ikea, Bauknecht & Prima

2 Turn Circular Element, 2400W (Replaces older 2000W types, Provided with earth terminal, suitable for models where element has no earth terminal)

Replaces Genuine Part Number: C00311124, C00312422, 481225998405, 481925928823

Dimensions: Length 220mm :: Width 185mm :: Bracket 70mm Approx

PLEASE NOTE: Due to some models using more than one type, please check before ordering

Fits models:

Algor: AKL781/AV, AKL797/IX, AKL471/AR, AKL471/WH, AKL471GR, AKL781/IX, AKL781/

Bauknecht: BLHP5969/IN, BLZH5069AL, BLZH5069IN, BLZH5969AL, BLZH5969IN, BMZH5069AL, BMZH5069IN, BMZH5099IN, BMZH5969/IN, BSZH5069IN, BSZH5969/IN, BBSE3000BR, BBSE3000WS, BBSH3000BR, BBSH3000WS, BBZE3000SW, BBZE3000WS, BBZH3000WS, BLC3000BR, BLC3000BRGB, BLC3000SWGB, BLC3000WHGB, BLCE3000BRGB, BLCE3000SWGB, BLCE3000WSGB, BLCE3004BRGB, BLCE3004INGB, BLCE3004SW, BLCE3004SWGB, BLCE3004WS, BLCE3004WSGB, BLH3000BR, BLH3000WS, BLH3003BR, BLH3003IN, BLH3003WS, BLZG3002INGB, BLZG3002SW, BLZG3002WS, BLZH3002IN, BLZH3002WS, BSCE3000BR, BSCE3000SW, BSCE3000WS, BSCH3000BR, BSCH3000WS, BBSC3000WS, BLC3000WS, BSCE3000BR/01, BSCE3000WS/

Firenzi: DO905AV, DO905IX, DO905WH, DO903BR, DO903WH, DO905AV, DO905IX, DO905WH, SF904AV, SF904IX, SF904

Ignis: 10065524, AKL874/GR, AKL874/IX, AKL874/WH, AKL876/01IX, AKL876/01WH, AKL876/AV, AKL876/IX, AKL876/WH, AKL887/01IX, AKL887/01WH, AKL394/AV, AKL394/WH, AKL429/01RUSTIC, AKL429/GR/01, AKL429/NA/01, AKL429/WH, AKL429/WH/01, AKL436/AV, AKL436/JA, AKL436/WH, AKL437/AV, AKL437/WH, AKL446IX, AKL477/AV, AKL477/WH, AKL490/AV, AKL490/IX, AKL490/WH, AKL828/AV, AKL828/GR, AKL828/IX, AKL828/JA, AKL828/WH, AKL829/IX, AKL833/AV, AKL833/WH, AKL394/AV, AKL394/

Ikea: 00079296OBIC31W, 00158868OVN608SOVENS, 10094753OBIC10W, 10158877OVN918WFORNIIK, 20079295OBIC31S, 30158876OVN918SFORNIIK, 40094756, 40158871OVN618WOVENS, 50123008OVC10SFORNIIK, 60158870OVN618SOVENS, 80158869OVN608WOVENS, 80158874OVN908SFORNIIK, 90123011OVC31SFORNIIK, OBI113S14529285, OBI113W94529210, OBI115S, OBI115S30015081, OBI115W, OBI115W50015080, OBI117S40015090, OBI117W60015089, OBI118S30027079, OBIA10S40065594, OBIA10S60094741, OBIC00S90065638, OBIC00W70065639, OBIC10S50065640, OBIC10W10094753, OBIC10W30065641, OBID10S30027079, OBID10S30094766, OBIS10AL50094732, OBUC00S80065648, OBUC00W60065649, OV9M1S00150612, OV9M1W80150613, OV9MSGB70123012, OV9MWGB30128224, OVA10S60122999, OVA11S50142752, OVC10S50123008, OVC31S90123011, OVD10S40145157, OVN608S00158868, OVN608W80158869, OVN618S60158870, OVN618W40158871, OVN908S80158874, OVN918S30158876, OVN918W10158877, OBI111S54527185, OBI111W34527110

Prima: LPR811, LPR812, LPR813, LPR814, LPR825, LPR826

Integra: AKL472/WH, AKL848/

Magnet: DF902BR, DF902WH, DO903BR, DO903WH

Manufacturers Names & Numbers for reference purposes only

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