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Genuine Beko Refrigerator Fridge & Freezers Fan Blade 100mm - 4858340185

Genuine Beko Refrigerator Fridge & Freezers Fan Blade 100mm - 4858340185

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Genuine Beko Refrigerator Fridge & Freezers Fan Blade 4858340185 - 100mm

Genuine Part Number: 4858340185

Fits Hundreds of models, if in doubt please contact us before purchasing.

Fits Hundreds of Models Including:

9480KM, 9480KMI, 9505NM, 9507NE, 9530KM, 9560NBEX, 9580KEX, 9597KE, 9600NFY, 9610NFY, 9614NFIY, 9621NEX, 9621NFEY, 9625NDEX, 9625NEX, 9626NDEX, 9630KEX, 9684NK, 974560EB, 974560EI, 984611EI, 984611MB, ASD241B, ASD241S, ASD241W, ASD241X, ASDL251B, ASDM241PX, ASDM241Z, ASFP342PS, ASGL142PX, ASGL142X, ASGN542B, ASGN542S, ASGN542X, ASGP342X, ASL141PX, B9540NM, B9543NES, BBBF3019IMWE, BBM505XKE, BFBF2715GSIM, BFBF2715SSIM, BFBF3018SSIM, BFBF3018SSL, BFD630X, BFF400, BFF416, BFF419, BFF422, BFFD3620SS, BFFD3622SS, BFSB3622SS, BFTF2715SSIM, BGN532DXP, BGN6539XP, BK9610NMY, BK9611NE, BK9614NMIY, BK9621NEY, BRCNE450DXB, BRCNE450K20DPX, BRCNE454E20GB, BSB641W, BSB641X, BSB641XKE, CN142220D, CN142220DB, CN142220DS, CN142221D, CN142221DS, CN142222DX, CN147223GB, CN147523GW, CN148121S, CN148220X, CN150120, CN150220DE, CN150220PX, CN150221DX, CN151120, CN151120DX, CN151120P, CN151120X, CN151121DX, CN151121X, CN151140ZW, CN152200X, CN152220T, CN153220DH2, CN153221DH, CN158220DX1, CN158220XP, CN158220_1, CN159220DX, CN160120B, CN160220DE, CN160230, CN160230X, CN160231, CN160235XB, CN161220DS, CN161220X, CN161230DX, CN161720X, CN163222DX, CN163223DE, CN163223DX, CN164220S, CN166220DX, CN166220DX_1, CN17220IFXC, CN17220IW, CN186820S, CNE42221DS, CNE47520GB, CNE47520GW, CNE50520DE, CNE50521DS, CNE520E23ZDX, CNE520E32ZX, CNE520EE0ZGW, CNE60520D, CNE60520M, CNE60520TX, CNE60520W, CNE60521TX, CNE60521W, CNE63520PX, CNE63720DX_1, CNE63720H, CNE63721DE, CNE63721DX, CRCNE450K20DZXB, D19488NEXK, D19542NE, D19575NEX, D29459NME, D29460NME, D29464NME, D29492NE, D70540NE, D9476NMK, D9483NES, DN156720, DN156720DH, DN156720DX, DN156720X, DN156721X, DN156821, DN156821XP, DN159120, DN160103, DN160200DX, DN161020, DN161220DX, DN161220X, DN161230DX, DN161230ZX, DN161602W, DN161620, DN161620C, DN162020B, DN162220, DN162220B, DN162220PT, DN162220X, DN162230DJIZX, DN162230ZDP, DN162720D, DN163123, DN163220_2, DN163720, DN163720SX, DN163720_1, DN167123, DN167223, DN167223X, DN168120, DN168120E, DN168120E_1, DN168120E_2, DN168120X, DN168120XP, DN168220, DN168220DE, DN168220DX/1, DN168220DX_2, DN168220X, DN168220X_1, DN168220X_2, DN170123, DN170223DX, DNE150, DNE43020, DNE46000, DNE46000KL, DNE47000, DNE47420D, DNE50420, DNE50520, DNE50520DS, DNE57620H, DNE57620T, DNE57630T, DNE57630W, DNE57720T, DNE57720W, DNE57730T, DNE57730W, DNE59020, DNE59020D, DNE60200DT, DNE61020, DNE61020PX, DNE62020B, DNE62220DPX, DNE68620E, DNE68620E_2, DNE68620T, DNE68720DT, DNE68720DT_2, DNE68720T, DNE68720WG_1, DNE68721DE, DNE69623, DNE69723X, DNE70623T, DNE70723T, DNMJTB, EN507WD+, EUG91640FCB, EUG91640IW, EUG91640IWW, EUGK70520FCB, G92605NE, GN1306211ZDX, GN1306220VZDXP, GN1306230ZDX, GN134635ZDX, GN1406221GB, GN1406221X, GN1406221XP, GN1406223PX, GN1406223ZPX, GN1406233XP, GN1416220CX, GN1416221JX, GN1416221XP, GN1416221ZCX, GN1416221ZDPX, GN1416221ZX, GN162340ZXB, GN162420, GN162420IX, GN162420P, GN162420P/2, GN162420P1, GN162420X, GN162420X/2, GN162420X1, GN162421ZX, GN162423ZX, GN162430X, GN162431ZX, GN162431ZXP, GN162530X, GN163020, GN163120ZIWE, GN163120ZXP, GN163121, GN163121XB, GN163121ZIW, GN163122S, GN163122X, GN163130ZIE, GN163130ZX, GN163131ZXB, GN163132XR, GN163220S, GN163220S1, GN163220X, GN163221XB, GN163230ZPT, GN16323DXR, GN163822S, GN168210W, GN168421E, GN168421X, GN170110W, GN186210E, GN186214W, GN475420X, GNE114622ZICG, GNE114780X, GNE114781X, GNE134626ZX, GNE134750X, GNE60021X, GNE6039XP, GNE60500W, GNE60500X, GNE60500X_1, GNE60501X, GNE60520DX, GNE60520X, GNE60521DX, GNE60521X, GNE60522DX, GNE60522X, GNE91640E30ZX, GNO163040X, GNO163230X4J, GRNE60520DB, K9425NM, KG720E3VZPCH, MGN162321XB, MGN162331ZXB, MN1416224DPX, MN1416224PX, MN160130, MN160130X, MN160226X, RAS121LS, RASFLE72B, RASFLE72PX, RASGD242PX, RCNE450K40ZX, RCNE520E20B, RCNE520E20DS, RCNE520E20DZW, RCNE520E20DZXP, RCNE520E41ZX, RCNE520K20DZX, RCNE520K20XP, RCNE520K21DS, RCNE520K21DW, RCNE520K21DX, RCNE530E30W, RCNE530K20S, RCNE530K20W, RCNE530K20X, RCNE550E21DE, RCNE550E21X, RCNE600E20ZGB, RCNE630E2ZVX, RCNE720E30DP, RCNE720E30XB, RCNE720E3VZP, RDNE14C4E21W, RDNE500K21S, RDNE500K21SX, RDNE500K21W, RDNE510K21W, RDNE510M21M, RDNE510M21X, RDNE535E12DPT, RDNE535E20DZM, RDNE535E20ZX, RDNE550K21ZPX, RDNE590K21T, RDNE600K20X, RDNE710E21ZPX, REC52PT, REC58W, RED45S, RED61S, REM91ZXB, RFNE448E45W, RSB655XPRFVOLTAS, RSB65GFVOLTAS, RSB65IFVOLTAS, RSB66GFVOLTAS, RSB66IFVOLTAS, SBS1416231ZXCH, SBS14626NEX, SBS14650NELX, SBS60530DXPCH, SBS9607NEL, TEDNV7720ZPX, TEDNV7920G, TEDNV7920RX, TESNVZ120PX, TESNVZ120RX

Fits All Models Requiring a 100mm Diameter Push Fit Fan Blade

​Specifications: 100mm Diameter, Depth 18mm - all sizes approx

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