Genuine BEKO WM1510 WM1512 WM5100S WM5120W Washing Machine Door Interlock Switch


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Genuine BEKO Washing Machine Door Interlock Switch 2805310400

Genuine Beko Replacement Washing Machine Door Interlock

Part number: 2805311400 (Supersedes: 2805310400, 2805310400, 2805310500)

Will fit the following models:

WM1510W WM1512S WM1510S WM1512W WM5100S WM5100S WM5100W WM5100W WM5120S WM5120S WM5120W WM5120W WM5140S WM5140S WM5140W WM5140W WM6103W WM6103W WM6120S WM6120S WM6123S WM6123S WM6123W WM6123W WM6133S WM6133S WM6133W WM6133W WM6142W WM6142W WM6143S WM6143S WM6143W WM6143W WM6152W WM6152W WM6167S WM6167S WM6167W WM6167W WM6355W WM6355W WM7127S WM7127S WM7127W WM7127W WM7147S WM7147S WM7147W WM7147W WM8127S WM8127S WM8127W WM8127W WMA10W WMA10W WMA10W WMA1510S WMA1510S WMA1510W WMA1510W WMA1512S WMA1512S WMA1512S WMA1512S WMA1512W WMA1512W WMA1512W WMA1512W WMA510S WMA510S WMA510W WMA510W WMA520S WMA520S WMA520W WMA520W WMA610S WMA610S WMA610W WMA610W WMA620S WMA620S WMA620W WMA620W WMA641S WMA641S WMA641W WMA641W WMA642S WMA642S WMA642W WMA642W WMA647W WMA647W WMA651S WMA651S WMA651W WMA651W WMA652S WMA652S WMA652S WMA657W WMA665S WMA665W WMA667S WMA667W WMA727S WMA727S WMA727W WMA727W WMA747S WMA747S WMA747W WMA747W WMA767S WMA767S WMA767W WMA767W WMB10W WMB10W WMC61W WMC61W WMC62W WMC62W WMC64W WMC64W WME7227S WME7227S WME7227W WME7227W WME7247S WME7247S WME7247W WME7247W WME7267S WME7267S WME7267W WME7267W WME8227B WME8227B WME8227S WME8227S WME8227W WME8227W

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