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Genuine Blomberg Replacement Dishwasher Lower & Upper Spray Jet Arms

Genuine Blomberg Replacement Dishwasher Lower & Upper Spray Jet Arms

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Genuine Blomberg Dishwasher Lower & Upper Spray Arm

Genuine original Lower & Upper spray arm for your dishwasher.

Replacement Plastic Lower & Upper Spray Arm For Your Blomberg Dishwasher

Fits Models:

B20, BUW20, DIN1421, DIN1530, GI6420B, GI6420W, GI6420X, GI6520xN, GI6830W, GI6830X, GI6830a, GI6830xN, GIN1220, GIN1220WB, GIN1220X, GIN1220XB, GIN1370X, GIN1370XB, GIN1380L, GIN1380X, GIN1380XB, GIN1580X, GIN1580XB, GIN1585XB, GIN2110X, GIN2115X, GIN2116X, GIN2120X, GIN2215X, GIN2225X, GIN9220E, GIN9220X, GIN9260E, GIN9262E, GIN9262X, And Models: GIN9264X, GIN9475X, GIN9477E, GIN9477X, GIN9483E20, GIN9483ED, GIN9483X20, GIN9485E, GIN9485X, GIN9486E20, GIN9486ED, GIN9487E, GIN9487X, GIN9580XB, GIN9581XB, GIN9582XB7, GIN9583XB30, GIN9583XB620, GIN9583XB630, GIN9584XB, GIN9585XB, GLN8380X, GLN8380XL, GLN9220E, GLN9460XB, GS6320, GS6420, GS6420WN, GS6420X, GS6520XN, GS6520wN, GS6630, And Models: GS6830, GS6830X, GS6830XN, GS6830wN, GSN1210, GSN1210X, GSN1220, GSN1220A, GSN1220R, GSN1220X, GSN1370, GSN1370X, GSN1380, GSN1380A, GSN1380AR, GSN1380X, GSN1580, GSN1580A, GSN1580L, GSN1580X, GSN1580XB, GSN1581, GSN1581X, GSN1582A, GSN2210W, GSN2480, GSN9120, GSN9120X, GSN9121, GSN9122, GSN9122X, GSN9130, GSN9130X, GSN9220SP, And Models: GSN9220XSP, GSN9222SP, GSN9222XSP, GSN9270SP, GSN9270XSP, GSN9271XSP, GSN9420A, GSN9423A, GSN9430A, GSN9470SP, GSN9470XSP, GSN9475, GSN9475A, GSN9475X, GSN9475XB, GSN9476A, GSN9477, GSN9477A, GSN9477X, GSN9477XB, GSN9483A20, GSN9483XB20, GSN9483XBD, GSN9483XD, GSN9483XSP20, GSN9485A, GSN9485XB, GSN9486XSP6, GSN9487A

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