Genuine Diplomat Oven Door Hinges AHY4420 AHY4450 AHY4460


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Genuine Diplomat Hygena QA MFI Cooker Oven Main Door Left and Right Hand Hinges

Pair of Genuine Diplomat Hygena QA MFI Main Oven Door Hinges - Left Hand & Right Hand


Will fit the following models: DIPLOMAT: ADP3210 ADP3220 ADP3230 ADP3322 ADP3340 ADP3611 ADP3622 ADP3633 ADP3640 ADP4651 ADP4662 ADP4670 ADP4804 ADP4822 ADP4830 ADP4851 ADP4862 ADP4883 ADP4890 AHY3200 AHY3300 AHY3510 AHY3520 AHY3601 AHY3610 AHY3620 AHY3640 AHY3650 AHY3660 AHY4301 AHY4310 AHY4320 AHY4401 AHY4410 AHY4420 AHY4450 AHY4460 HYGENA: AHY3110 AHY3120 AHY3210 AHY3220 AHY3310 AHY3320 AHY3410 AHY3420 AHY4110 AHY4120 AHY4210 AHY4220 QA: APM3110 APM3120 HYGENA APM3110 HYGENA APM3120