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Genuine Grundig Replacement Dishwasher Lower & Upper Spray Jet Arms

Genuine Grundig Replacement Dishwasher Lower & Upper Spray Jet Arms

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Genuine Grundig Dishwasher Lower & Upper Spray Arm

Genuine original Lower & Upper spray arm for your dishwasher.

Replacement Plastic Lower & Upper Spray Arm For Your Grundig Dishwasher

Fits Models: GDF3200, GDF9500, GDI5100, GHV41820, GNF11510, GNF11510X, GNF41610, GNF41610X, GNF41800, GNF41810, GNF41810W, GNF41810X, GNF41820, GNF41820X, GNF41821, GNF41821X, GNF51010, GNF51020, GNF51020X, GNF51040, GNF51040X, GNI11510X, GNI11520X, GNI41800X, GNI41810X, GNI41820X, GNI41821X, GNI41822X, GNI41830X, GNI41832X, GNI51010X, GNI51021X, And Models: GNI51030X, GNL41930, GNL41930X, GNU41620, GNU41810, GNU41820, GNU41820X, GNU41824, GNU41824X, GNU41830, GNU41830X, GNU51010, GNU51010X, GNU51040X, GNV31600, GNV31610, GNV31620, GNV41810, GNV41820, GNV41821, GNV41824, GNV41830, GNV41900, GNV41910, GNV41920, GNV41921, GNV41930, GSN5983W620, GSN5983XB620

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