Genuine Main Oven Door Seal Gasket for AEG Cooker Ovens 3871945105

Lazer Electrics

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LAZER ELECTRICS Rubber Door Seal Gasket for AEG Oven / Cookers

Equivalent to Genuine Part Number 3871945105 - 4 Sided including clips

PLEASE NOTE: Due to some models using more than one type, please check your original size before ordering

Fits Models:

B1100-4-M B1100-4-W B1180-4-B B1180-4-M B1180-4-W B2100-4-B B2100-4-M B2100-4-W B3101-4-B B3101-4-D B3101-4-M B3101-4-W B4101-4-A B4101-4-B B4101-4-M B4101-4-W B6100-1-D, CB1100-1-B CB1100-1-D CB1100-1-M CB1100-1-W CB1100-2-B CB1100-2-M CB1100-2-W CB1180-1-M CB1180-1-W CB2100-1-B CB2100-1-D CB2100-1-G CB2100-1-M CB2100-1-W CB2190-1-B CB2190-1-M CB2190-1-W CB3000-1-B CB3000-1-M CB3100-1-B CB3100-1-M CB3100-1-W CB3190-1-B CB3190-1-M CB3190-1-WModels: CB4100-1-A CB4100-1-B CB4100-1-D CB4100-1-M CB4100-1-W CB6100-1-A CB6100-1-B CB6100-1-M CB6100-1-W CB8100-1-A CB8100-1-B CB8100-1-M CB8100-1-W CE1100-1-B CE1100-1-M CE1100-1-W CE1100-2-B CE1100-2-M CE1100-2-W CE3000-1-B CE3000-1-M CE3000-1-W CE3100-1-B CE3100-1-D CE3100-1-M CE3100-1-W CE3190-1-B CE3190-1-M CE4100-1-A CE4100-1-B CE4100-1-D CE4100-1-M CE4100-1-W CE6100-1-A CE6100-1-B CE6100-1-M CE6100-1-W CE8100-1-A CE8100-1-B CE8100-1-M CE8100-1-W E1100-4-M E2190-1-A, E2191-4-A E8931-4-A

Original Quality, fully compatible replacement spare part