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Genuine OEM 1970 7PHE/H7 Main Drive Belt for Whirlpool AWZ Series Tumble Dryers

Genuine OEM 1970 7PHE/H7 Main Drive Belt for Whirlpool AWZ Series Tumble Dryers

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LAZER ELECTRICS Genuine OEM 1970 7PHE / H7 Type Tumble Dryer Drive Belt For Whirlpool

Equivalent to: 481235818186, 481235818051

Fits models:

121, 220, 2201, 2413, 24131, 3303, 33032, 33033, 33034, 3413, 34132, 3513WP, 3513WP1, 3518WP, 3518WP1, 3519WP, 3520WP, 4303, 43031, 43032, 480E, AQUAFEELA, AQUASENSEA, AWZ110, AWZ120, AWZ120C, AWZ121, AWZ1210, AWZ1214, AWZ1223GD, AWZ125, AWZ129, AWZ1290, AWZ132, AWZ133, AWZ135, AWZ1350, AWZ139, AWZ1390, AWZ2101, AWZ2103, AWZ2200, AWZ2201, AWZ2202, AWZ2203, AWZ2211, AWZ2212, AWZ2213, AWZ221GD, AWZ2303, AWZ233, AWZ2410, AWZ2412, AWZ2413, AWZ2419, AWZ2742, AWZ2792, AWZ2793, AWZ2799, AWZ310, AWZ320, AWZ3200, AWZ3203, AWZ3206, AWZ320GD, AWZ321, AWZ325, AWZ330, AWZ3302, AWZ3303, AWZ3304, AWZ3306, AWZ3308, AWZ3309, AWZ3413, AWZ34131, AWZ3415, AWZ3416, AWZ3417, AWZ3787, AWZ3789, AWZ3789WP, AWZ3790WP, AWZ3793, AWZ3795, AWZ3796, AWZ3797, AWZ3798, AWZ3799, AWZ3890, AWZ4303, AWZ8678, AWZEXPERTA, AWZEXPERTA01, AWZEXPERTAO, AWZEXPERTAV, AWZExpertAO3, AWZKINGSIZEAO, AWZMAGICE, GRANDPRIXAO, MDE2441AGWM1, MDE2441AGWMM, SEALINEA, SENSELINEA, SOLE 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 20061

BOSCH: WTA3000, WTA3000GB, WTA3002, WTA3002GB

BAUKNECHT: TRAK6460, TRA2130WS-NL, TRA2250WS-NL, TRA2350WS-NL, TRA2370WS-NL, TRA3130/WS-EU, TRA3130/WS-NL, TRA3250/WS-NL, TRA3370/WS-NL, TRA4120WS-UK, TRA5470



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