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Fan Oven Heating Element for Indesit Cookers - C00084399

Fan Oven Heating Element for Indesit Cookers - C00084399

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Fan Oven Heating Element for Indesit Cookers

Equivalent to: C00084399

Approximate Specifications: Overall Length 225mm :: Internal Diameter Or Width 178mm :: Terminal Centres 24mm :: Terminal Length 52mm :: Hole Or Stud Centre 60mm :: Plate Width 22mm :: Plate Length 70mm :: 2000 Watt

Fits models:

FI31K.B(BK), FI31K.B(WH), FI31K.BIXGB, FIE36K.B(BK), FIE36K.B(WH), FIE36K.BIXGB, FV10KB(IX)GB, FV20KB(WH)GB, K3C36(X)/G, K3C8V.A/G, K3C8V.BA/G, K3C8V.BX/G, K3C8VW/G, K3C8VX/G, K6C32(W)/G, K6C32(X)/G, K6C320(W)/G, K6C320(X)/G, K6E32(W)/G, K6E32(X)/G, K6G32(W)/G, K6G32(X)/G, I6EVAW, I6GTAGWT, I6VV2AW, I6VV2AX, FV20KB, FV10KB, FIU20IX MK2, FIU20IX, ID60C2, ID60C2A, ID60C2AAM, ID60C2KS, ID60C2MS, ID60C2N, ID60C2R, ID60C2W, ID60C2WS, ID60C2XS, ID60E2W, ID60E2WS, ID6IVS2, ID6IVS2M, IS60C1W, IS60C1WS, IS60EW, IS60EWS, K345VTB, K346VTB, K3C36, K3C8VA, K3C8VB, K3C8VBA, K3C8VW, K3C8VX, K3T32, K3T32S, K3T35S, K3T35, K6C32, K6C320, K6E32, K6G4S, K6G4, KD6C35A, KD6C35K, KD6C35M, KD6C35W, KD6C35X, KD6E35W, KD6G35X, KDP60C, KDP60E, KDP60SE, RID60C2W

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