Genuine OEM Tumble Dryer Hinged Lint Fluff Filter Screen for Bosch WTA2000GB/01

White Knight

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Genuine Bosch Tumble Dryer Hinged Lint Fluff Filter Screen WTA2000GB/01


Genuine White Knight replacement hinged tumble dryer fluff filter

Genuine part number: 421309218351

Will Fit the following Models:

72AW 767C 767SV 767SVNC 76AS 76AW 77AS 77ASNC 77AW 77AW-03 797B 797C 797CH 797OG 797SV 797SVNC 79AS 79AW 837SV 83AS 83AW 84AW 85AS 85AW 86A7S 86A7W 86AS 86AW 937C 937WV 93AS 93AW 96AS 96AW 96C C75CW C767C C77AS C77AW C77AW-3 C86A7B C86A7W C86AB C86AW C96AS C96AW CL727 CL727B CL727CH CL727OG CL727Y CL741 CL762 CL767 CL767B CL767C CL767OG CL767Y CL76A CL787 CL787B CL787OG CL787Y CL797B CL797OG CL797R CL797Y CL847 SV847

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