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Genuine OEM Washing Machine Heating Element for Candy GO GCY GO 148 Series - 41034901, 41036768, 41039780, 41042459

Genuine OEM Washing Machine Heating Element for Candy GO GCY GO 148 Series - 41034901, 41036768, 41039780, 41042459

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Genuine Washing Machine Heating Element for Candy, Hoover Washing Machines

Replacement washing machine heater element & NTC Assembly

Replaces Part Number: 41034901, 41036768, 41039780, 41042459

Specifications: 1300w, 230 / 240v - 160 x 85mm approx

Fits Models:

Candy GO 107DF/2-07S, GO 107DF/L-01, GO 107DF/L-S, GO 107DF/L1-01, GO 107DF/L1-S, GO 108DF/L-01, GO 108DF/L-S, GO 108DF/L1-S, GO 126DF/L-S, GO 126DF/L1-S, GO 1272D/K-UZB, GO 1272D/L-S, GO 127DF/L-18, GO 127DF/L-S, GO 127DF/L1-S, GO 1282D/L-S, GO 1282D/L1-S, GO 128DF/L-S, GO 146DF/L-84, GO 146DF/L-S, GO 146DF/L1-84, GO 146DF/L1-S, GO 147DF/L-47, GO 147DF/L-84, GO 147DF/L-S, GO 147DF/L1-47, GO 147DF/L1-84, GO 147DF/L1-S, GO 148/L-S, GO 148/L1-S, GO 148DF-47, GO 148DF/1-84, GO 148DF/K-IRAN, GO 148DF/L-47, GO 148DF/L-S, GO 148DFS/K IRAN, GO 166DF/L-84, GO 166DF/L1-84, GO 167DF/L1-S, GO 2127LMC-07, GO F106/K-IRAN, GO F106/L-S, GO F106/L1-S, GO F106S/K-IRAN, GO F107/L-S, GO F107/L1-S, GO F108/L-S, GO F108/L1-S, GO F126/L-S, GO F127/K-IRAN, GO F127/L-47, GO F127/L-S, GO F127/L1-47, GO F127/L1-S, GO F127S/K-IRAN, GO F136/L-S, GO F137/L-47, GO F146/L-47, GO F146/L-84, GO F146/L1-84, GO F146/L1-S, GO F147/L-S, GO F166/L-84, GO F166/L1-84, GO F218-47, GO F462/L-80, GO1272D/2-07S, GO3E 210 2DC-07, GO3E 210 LC-07, GO4 1062D/L-S, GO4 1062D/L1-S, GO4 1064D/L-S, GO4 106DF-07S, GO4 106DF/L-01, GO4 106DF/L-S, GO4 106DF/L1-S, GO4 107/L-47, GO4 1072D-07S, GO4 1074L-07S, GO4 1074LH-07S, GO4 107DF-07S, GO4 107DF/L-01, GO4 107DF/L-S, GO4 107DF/L1-S, GO4 1262D/L-01, GO4 1262D/L-S, GO4 1262D/L1-S, GO4 1264L/L-S, GO4 126DF/L-S, GO4 126DF/L1-S, GO4 127/L-47, GO4 1272D/K-UZB, GO4 1272D/L-S, GO4 1272D/L1-S, GO4 1272DH-07S, GO4 1274L/L-01, GO4 1274L/L-S, GO4 1274L/L1-S, GOY 1050D/L-S, GOY 1054L-07S, GOY 105DF-07S, GOY 1252D/L-S, GOY0850D-07S, GOY105-07S, GOYE 105 3DS-07, GOYE 105 LC-07, GS 1282D3-S, GS 128DH3-S, GS 1482D3-S, GS4 1272D3/2-S, GSF 138TWC3-01, GSF 138TWC3/1-37, GSF 138TWC3/1-84, GSF 138TWC3/1-S, GSF 148TWC3/1-47, GSF4 137TWC3/1-S, GSF4 137TWC3/2-S, GSF42 138TWC1-07, GSH 128DH3-01, GV 1161D1/1-04, GV 117D1/1-S, GV 117DC1-EGY, GV 117DCS1-EGY, GV 117DCS1/1-S, GV 127DC1/K-IRAN, GV 127DCS1/K-IRA, GV 137D3-01, GV 137D3/1-37, GV 137D3/1-S

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