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Genuine Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket Spray Arm Top Wash Washer Sprayer 694570055

Genuine Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket Spray Arm Top Wash Washer Sprayer 694570055

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Genuine Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket Spray Arm Top Wash Washer Sprayer 694570055

Genuine replacement Smeg dishwasher upper spray arm

Genuine part number: 694570055

Fits the following models:

ADG3500-1, ADG3540, ADG3550, ADG3800, ADG4500, ADG4800, ADG5500-1, ADG6500IN, ADGR3700, ADW659FI2, ADW759FI, ADX550, APKI1300, ASSEMBLY, B GS651VI, BF72, BL1, BL1S, BL2, BL2S, BL3, BL3S, BL4, BL4S, BLA2, BLA2S, BVW962, BWHM010W, CSE66I3, CSE68X3, CSE68X7, DD612S, DD612SC, DD612WC, DF61, DF612B, DF612S, DF612SDX, DF612SE, DF612W, DF614S, DF614SF, DF614WE, DFC612S9, DI112-2, DI112-9, DI61, DI612, DI612A, DI612A1, DI612C, DI612CA9, DI612CAH, DI612DA9, DI614, DI614H, DI6MAX, DISHWASHER, DW-24SS, DW60BK, DW60OA, DW60ST, DW60ST3A, DW60XS, DW614ST3A, DW659FI2, DW660FI1, DW660S1, DW660SK, DW660ST, DW680FI, DW755S, DW759FI, DW759S, DW760FI, DW780FI, DW786FI, DW786S, DW859FI, DW860FI, DW860S, DW880FI, DW882FI, DW886FI, DW886FI1, DW955S, DW959S, DWAFI152T, DWAI152XT, DWAU157XT, DWD1E, DWD1SSE, DWD1SSE-1, DWD612CSS, DWD612CWH, DWD612SS, DWD61BL1, DWD61BR1, DWD61SS1, DWD61WH1, DWD638SSE, DWD63BLE, DWD63SSE, DWD63WHE, DWD64SSE, DWF1.1, DWF1-2, DWF612BL, DWF612SS, DWF612WH, DWF614SS, DWF614WH, DWF62WH.1, DWF64SSE, DWF66SS, DWF66WH, DWHM00W, DWHM40W, DWI612, DWI612C, DWI614, DWI64.1, DWI67.1, DX610S, DX630S, F45078I-M, F502X, F89078VIM, F89078VI-M, F89078VIS, F89078VI-S, FDWS55MS, GA755001, GAVI7559XL, GDV640XL, GI61124W, GI61124X, GI61224W, GI61224X, GI62224X, GI62324W, GI62324X, GI63220E, GI64224AA, GI64224AX, GI64324W, GI64324X, GI64424X, GI64424XV, GI65420E, GI65520E, GMI50102IN, GMI5554, GMI5554/1, GMI61102IN, GMX50102, GMX5010SD, GMX5500, GMX5552, GMX5555, GMX5997, GMX5997/1, GMX5998, GMX61102, GMXI5010SD, GOI1300, GS60-3CN, GS62-2CN, GS65.1VI, GS65-2VI, GS65-3VI, GS8260CN, GS8260VI, GS8660CN, GS8660VI, GSB6053E, GSB6080E, GSB6080XL, GSB608E, GSGP20-5E, GSI5599/1, GSI5599/1GSW, GSI5599/1GWS, GSI5599GIX, GSI6310XL, GSI6311XL, GSI632E, GSI63-4, GSI682AL, GSI682ALS, GSI682B-3, GSI682B-4, GSI682E-3, GSI682E-4, GSI682ES3, GSI682S-3, GSI682S-4, GSI682W-3, GSI682W-4, GSI8673E, GSI8674E, GSV6053E, GSV6100E, GSV6100XL, GSV6320XL, GSV6321XL, GSV642, GSX5597/1G, GSX5597G, GSX5999G, GV61124, GV61224, GV62224, GV62324X, GV63320, GV63324X, GV63324XV, GV63424, GV63424XV, GV64324XV, GV65420, GV65421, GVI682-3, GVI682-4, GVI7683, GVI8683, GVI8684, GVI8684-1, GVI9684, HGVI682-3, HGVI682-4, IGS6908-0GE, IGS6908-1GE, IGVS6504.3, IGVS6508.2, IGVS6508.3, IGVS6608.2, IGVS6608.3, KGI63AL, KGI63E, KGI63S, KGI63W, KGV63, KLVS32X, KLVS51NE, KLVS52X, KSI680AL, KSI680E-3, KSI680S-3, KSI680W-3, KST6820L, KSV680-2, KSV680-3, LFA-086XL, LFA-086XLIT, LFDS3XL60HZ, LP790, LP790T, LPES3XL60HZ, LS19.1, LS19-1, LS19-2, LS21XS.1, LS6002X.1, LS6002X-1, LS6148BH9, LSA12XD9, LSA6045X, LSA6047B, LSA6047G, LSA6047X, LSA6049B, LSA6049BD, LSA6049X, LSA6050B, LSA6051B, LSA647B, LSA647X, LSA649B, LSA649X, LSA650B, LSA651B, LSA651BD, LSA653B, LSA653PE, LSA657BE, LSAP8650X, LSE3000TA, LSE3004TA, LSE4000TA, LSE4004TA, LSE5204XA, LSE5304XA, LSE5504XA, LSG62S, LSG63X, LSP653N, LSP653N1, LSP653X, LSP653X1, LST6053, LTES3XL60HZ, LVF32G, LVF33G, LVF55XA.1, LVF647B9, LVF64XA, LVS1249X9, LVS649N, LVS649N1, LVS649X, LVS649X1, LVS653N, LVS653N1, LVS653X, LVS653X1, LVS655EG, LVS655N, LVS655N1, LVS655X, LVS655X1, LVS949X1, LVS953X1, LVTI14-78, PGVS6101, PL1145NE, PL1145X, PL144X, PL145EB, PL145NE, PL145X, PL19.1, PL19-2, PL19-3, PL19X.1, PL19X-2, PL19X-3, PL614WH, PL614WH-1, PL614X, PL614X-1, PL6248XD9, PL663WH, PL663X, PL663X-1, PL672EB, PL672X, PL673WH, PL673X, PL823X, PL8605X, PL8605X7, PL8605X8, PL8605XT7, PL8605XTD, PL961DEB2, PL985EB, PL985NE, PL985X, PLA6045B, PLA6045N, PLA6045X, PLA6047B, PLA6047N, PLA6047X, PLA6049XD, PLA6051B, PLA6051N, PLA6051X, PLA647B, PLA647N, PLA647X, PLA649B, PLA649N, PLA649X, PLA651B, PLA651BD, PLA651N, PLA651ND, PLA651X, PLA651XD, PLA653B, PLA653N, PLA653X, PLA68XU, PLA8605X7, PLA8645X, PLA8743X, PLA8743X7, PLA8743XU, PLB653BD, PLB653ND, PLB653XD, PLB964B, PLB964N, PLB964X, PLB966B, PLB966N, PLB966X, SA5562, SA5563WH, SA614W, SA614X, SA614X-1, SA663WH, SA663WH-1, SA663X, SA663X-1, SA672EB, SA672NE, SA672X, SA673BK, SA673WH, SA673X, SA682X, SA682X.1, SA683X, SA823X, SA8600X, SA8605BI, SA8605X, SA8605X7, SA8605X8, SA8605XT7, SA8605XT8, SA8605XTD, SNZ614X, SNZ642IS1, SNZ642IS2, SNZ642IS3, SNZ642S-1, SNZ642S-2, SNZ642S-3, SNZ642W-1, SNZ642W-2, SNZ642W-3, SNZ653S, SNZ672X, SNZ693IS, SNZ693S, SNZ693S7, ST1123S, ST1124S, ST112-9, ST113S-9, ST1144S, ST1145, ST1145S, ST1146, ST114S-9, ST119-9, ST144, ST145, ST212-9, ST214-9, ST215-9, ST663, ST663-1, ST692, ST692.1, ST693, ST693-1, ST8605, ST8605-1, ST863S, ST8647, ST864S, ST865, ST8650, ST8650X, ST865S, ST867, ST867-2, ST868, ST93P, ST994.1, ST994-1, ST994A, ST995-1, ST996, ST996-1, ST997, ST997-1, STA14X, STA6045, STA6047, STA6049D, STA6051, STA613-9, STA6147-9, STA6245-9, STA6246-9, STA6248D9, STA6249-9, STA647, STA649, STA653, STA653D, STA8614X, STA8614X7, STA8614XU, STA8639L, STA8643, STA8645, STA8647, STA8743, STA8743PQ, STA8743U, STA8745, STB964, STB966, STL865A, STL867A, STLA865A, STLA868A, STMW10-9, STMW24A, STMW26-9, STX1.2, STX1-3, STX1-4, STX1C, STX2.1, STX20.1, STX20-2, STX2-2, STX2-3, STX2DK, STX2K, STX2L, STX2LA, STX2P, STX2SA, STX3K, STX3K7, STX6L, STX6S, SV680-3, TDW60-2SK, TDW80FI, TDW80FIV1, TOP, UKSTX1, UKSTX1-1, UKSTX2, UKSTX2-1, UPO60D, VIS-1, WT112-9, WT114-9, WT144

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