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Genuine Washing Machine Door Lock Interlock Switch for SMEG 814490983 - ES1563313

Genuine Washing Machine Door Lock Interlock Switch for SMEG 814490983 - ES1563313

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Genuine OEM Door Interlock for SMEG Washing machines

Replaces Part number: 814490983

Fits Models:

2204AYK, 3TI60081A, 3TI60101A, 3TI62101A, 3TI62121A, 3TI771B, 3TI773B, 3TI776B, 3TW62360A, 3TW776B, AKC8512, APWD126, APWD126-1, AWF74140, AWF74141, AWF74141BU, AWI74140, AWI74140JA, AWI74140JB, AWZ5120E, AWZ5140E, AWZ5140SE, AWZ612, AWZ612I, AWZ614, AWZ712, AWZ714, AWZ7141, AWZFS614, BKWD1200, CI370IN, CI371, CI970IN, CI971, CLWD060, DLZ692JU, ELB7040SS, ELB7400, FMR6715TI, FWD1400-7EI3A, FWM1400-7EI, HJA8701, HJA8702, IW1476-0W, IWT1466-0W, KWM80A8, KWM82S8, LBA10B, LBA10N, LBB14AZ, LBB14AZK, LBB14B, LBB14P, LBB14PK, LBB14RO, LBB14ROK, LBL14AZ, LBL14B, LBL14RO, LBS147X, LBS147XNL, LI41270, LI41470, LI41470SA, LSE126C, LSE147, LSE147ES, LSI41470, LSI41470SA, LST107, LST127, LST147, LSTA126, LSTA126-1, LSTA126C, LSTA127, LSTA147, PWD1646, SLB127, SLB127ES, SLB127ES-1, SLB1410FT, SLB147, SLB147ES, SLB147X, SLB147XD, SLB147XES, SLB147XF, SLB147XNL, SLB712TE, SLB714, SLB714ST, TURWADR60, V6320X0EU, V6320X0GB, V6320X1GB, WD140, WD14D360HK, WD14D361HK, WD14D365HK, WD14D366HK, WD220140, WDF12C7, WDF12C7-1, WDF147, WDF147X, WDF14C7, WDF6127, WDF6127-1, WDI12C6, WDI12C6-1, WDI12C7, WDI12C7K, WDI147, WDI147D, WDI147D-1, WDI14C7, WDI73120CN, WDI73120HK, WI12A200FF, WI12A200GC, WI12A201FF, WI12A220EE, WI12A221EE, WI73140, WI74147DE, WIA20000EE, WIA20001EE, WIA24200EE, WIA24200FF, WIA24200GC, WIA24201EE, WIA24201FF, WIA24201GC, WK12D320EE, WK12D321EE, WK14D320EU, WK14D320GB, WK14D321EU, WK14D321GB, WK14D321HK, WKD24360EE, WKD24361EE, WKD28320EU, WKD28350GB, WKD28351GB, WM140, WMF147, WMF147X, WMFABAZ1, WMFABNE1, WMFABP1, WMFABRO1, WMI12C7, WMI147, WMI14C7, WTI7400, WVD28360SG, WVD28365SG

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