Hoover Condenser Dryer Heater Element 2100W 40007271 40005010 GENUINE


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Genuine Hoover Candy Tumble Dryer Heating Element

Part Number: 40005010 / 41042962 (Either will be provided)

Alternative Part numbers: 40006990, 40007271

Fits Models:

31100536, 31100567, 31100606, 31100607, 31100610, DYC169A, DYC169A80, DYC169A80N, DYC710AV2BX80N, DYC7813NB80, DYC7813NB-80, DYC8132BX80, DYC8132BX80N, DYC88132BXC80, DYC88132BXC80N, DYC8813B80, DYC890NB-80, DYC8913B80, DYC8913BX80, DYC8913BX80N, DYC893B, DYC893B80, DYC893B-80, EVOC591CT80, GCC5101NB80, GCC5101NB-80, GCC580NB80, GCC580NBB80, GCC580NC80, GCC5813NB80, GCC590NB80, GCC591NB80, GOC580C80, GOC581BUK, GOC58F80, GOC58F80N, GOC58FB, GOC58FB80N, GOC58FS80N, GOC590C80, HC580NC80, VHC580NC-80, VHC680C80, VHC681B80, VHC68B80, VHC68B-80, VHC691B80, VHC69BCB80N, VTC580NC80, VTC58NC80, VTC591NB80, VTC591NB-80, VTC671B, VTC671B80N, VTC680C80, VTC680C-80, VTC781NBBC80, VTC791NB80, VTC86NB80,GCC5101NB-80, GCC580NB-80, GCC580NBB-80, GCC580NC-80, GCC5813NB-80, GCC581NB-80, GCC590NB-80, GCC591NB-80, GCC591NBB-80, GOC581B - UK, GOC58F-80N, GVCD1013B-80, GVCD101BBC-80, GVCD101BC-80, GVCD101WB-80, GVCD91CB-80, GVCD91CBB-80, GVCD91WB-80, 31100893

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