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Hot Air Cooker Fan Oven Motor For SMEG S890AMFR5 S890AMFR7 S890AMFR8 S890AMFRO - 795210533, 795210620, 795210686, 795210954

Hot Air Cooker Fan Oven Motor For SMEG S890AMFR5 S890AMFR7 S890AMFR8 S890AMFRO - 795210533, 795210620, 795210686, 795210954

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Hot Air Fan Motor Unit for Smeg Oven Cooker

Replaces genuine part number: 795210533, 795210620, 795210686, 795210954

Specifications: 20 Watts, 220 - 240 volts, 50 Hz, Class: CL.B, SD250X, Shaft: 26mm

Fits Models:

S104X-5, S1055MF1, S1055MFB1, S1055MFX1, S1065MF1, S1065MFB1, S1065MFX1, S106X-5, S106X-6, S1085MF1, S1085MFA1, S1085MFP1, S1085MFV1, S108X-5, S108X-6, S10XMF-1, S2010MF1, S2010MFB1, S2010MFX1, S20XMF-5, S20XMF-7, S20XMF-8, S20XMFR, S300X, S300X-5, S301X-5, S302X, S360X-T, S360XT-5, S365X, S365X-1, S365X-5, S365X-7, S370-1, S370-5, S370AV-1, S370AV-5, S370AV-6, S370AV-7, S370EB-1, S370EB-5, S370EB-T2, S370EBT-5, S380BX, S380X-1, S380X-5, S380X-T2, S381X, S381X-5, S381XPZ-5, S399X, S399X-5, S399X-6, S399XPZ6, S500-1, S500EB-1, S500X-1, S550-1, S550-5, S550EB-1, S550EB-5, S550X-1, S551X, S551X-5, S709X-5, S709X-7, S86XMFV, S86XMFV-A, S890AMFR5, S890AMFR7, S890AMFR8, S890AMFRO, S890AMRO8, S890AMRO9, S890BMFR7, S890EBMFR, S890MF-5, S890MF-7, S890MF-8, S890MFA-5, S890MFAO, S890MFEB5, S890PMFR5, S890PMFR7, S890PMFR8, S890PMFR9, S890PMFRO, S890PMRO9, S920XMF, S970-5, S970EB-5, S995XRAL5, S995XRD5, S995XRK-5, S995XTSA, SA1010MFX, SA1010X1, SA109-8, SA109M-8, SA112-8, SA20XMFR, SA20XMFR8, SA210P, SA210X-5, SA22XMF-5, SA22XMF-7, SA240X, SA240X-5, SA250X, SA250X-5, SA280X, SA280X-1, SA280X-5, SA301W-5, SA301X, SA301X-5, SA304X-8, SA304X1-8, SA305X, SA305X-5, SA306X, SA306X-8, SA307X-5, SA307XTS, SA308X-8, SA310BL-5, SA310W-5, SA310X, SA310X-5, SA310X-6, SA360EB-1, SA360EB-5, SA360X-5, SA365X, SA375EB, SA375X, SA375X-1, SA375X-5, SA380X-3, SA380X-5, SA386X, SA386X-5, SA392EB-1, SA392EB-5, SA392NE-1, SA398X-5, SA410EB-5, SA410X-5, SA415X, SA420EB-5, SA420X-1, SA420X-5, SA440X, SA504X, SA506X, SA561X-8, SA561X-9, SA562X, SA578X-8, SA578X-9, SA579X, SA62MFX5, SA650EB1, SA650NE1, SA702X-5, SA704X, SA704X-5, SA705X, SA705X-7, SA706X-5, SA706X.1, SA707X, SA707X-7, SA708X, SA708X-5, SA708X-6, SA708X-7, SA710X-5, SA710X-7, SA850P, SA850X, SA850X-1, SA890WR-5, SA9010X, SA9058X, SA9065, SA9065LPG, SA9065XNG, SA9065XS, SA9066, SA9066AS, SA9066CER, SA9066LPG, SA9066XNG, SA9066XS, SA920MF-2, SA920MFA1, SA920MFW2, SA920MFW5, SA92MFX5, SA990XR-8, SA995XR-5, SA995XR-7, SA996XR-7, SA999X, SAC106B, SAC106N, SAC106S, SAC399X-8, SAC561X, SAC578X, SAP109-8, SAP109-9, SAP109M-8, SAP112-8, SAP112N-8, SAP306X-8, SAP306X-9, SAP3700X, SAP399X-8, SAP578X-9, SB90GV, SB91GV, SB91GV9, SB91MF, SBA1

Original Quality Fully Compatible Replacement Spare Part

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