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Hotpoint Creda Indesit Genuine Washing Machine Carbon Brush 1600474 C00197976

Hotpoint Creda Indesit Genuine Washing Machine Carbon Brush 1600474 C00197976

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Hotpoint Creda Indesit Genuine Washing Machine Carbon Brush 1600474 C00197976




will fit the following models: (PRESS Ctrl + F and enter model to search)
18780 18871 18872 18873 18880 9506W 9510A 9510W 9511W 9512W 95130 95132 9513W 9514A 9514W 9515A 9515W 9516A 9516P 9516W 9517P 9517W 9518P 9518W 9519W 9520A 9520W 9524A 9524W 9525A 9525W 9525WE 9526A 9526P 9526W 9527A 9527P 9527W 9528A 9528P 9528W 9529A 9529P 9529W 9530A 9530W 9531W 9533P 9533W 9534A 9534P 9534W 9535A 9535P 9535W 95360 95362 9536A 9536P 9536PX 9536W 9536WX 9537A 9537P 9537W 9538A 9538P 9538PE 9538PF 9538W 9539A 9539P 9539W 9540A 9540P 9540W 9544A 9544P 9544W 95450 95452 9545A 9545P 9545PE 9545W 9546A 9546P 9546W 95470 95472 95490 95492 9549A 9549P 9549W 9550W 9551W 9554W 9556A 9556P 9556W 9560A 9560P 9560W 9561A 9561P 9561W 95620 95622 9564A 9564P 9564W 9565A 9565P 9565W 9567P 9570W 9571A 9572W 9573W 9574P 9574W 9575W 9576W 9577A 9577P 9577W 9578P 9770P 9773P 9774P 9775A 9775W 9776A 9776P 9777P 9900A 9900W 9901A 9901P 9901W 9912P 9912W 9916P 9916W 9920A 9920W 9924A 9924W 9925A 9925P 9925W 9926A 9926P 9926W 9928A 9928P 9928W 9934A 9934P 9934W 9935A 9935P 9935W 9936A 9936P 9936W 9938A 9938P 9938W 9945A 9945P 9945W 9970A 9970W 9971A 9971W 9972A 9972P 9972W 9985B 9985P 9986P BW61B BW61P WD21P WD22A WD22P WD22W WD23A WD23P WD23W WD31A WD31P WD31W WD32A WD32P WD32W WD51A WD51P WD51W WD61H WD61N WD61P WD61S WD61T WD61U WD61X WD62N WD62P WD62S WD62X WD71N WD71P WD71S WD71X WD71YS WM11P WM11W WM12A WM12P WM12W WM13A WM13P WM13W WM14A WM14P WM14W WM19P WM20A WM20P WM20W WM21P WM21W WM22A WM22P WM22W WM23A WM23P WM23W WM24A WM24P WM24W WM25A WM25P WM25W WM26A WM26P WM26W WM29P WM31A WM31P WM31W WM32A WM32P WM32W WM33A WM33P WM33W WM34A WM34P WM34W WM35A WM35P WM35W WM36A WM36P WM36W WM38P WM51A WM51P WM51W WM52A WM52P WM52W WM53A WM53P WM53W WM54P WM55P WM60P WM60PE WM61N WM61P WM61PE WM61X WM62N WM62P WM62PE WM62X WM63H WM63N WM63P WM63PE WM63S WM63T WM63U WM63X WM63XE WM64N WM64P WM64PE WM64X WM65S WM66P WM67P WM68P WM69P WM71N WM71P WM71X WM72N WM72P WM72X WM77P WM79P WM80P WM81P WM82P WM83P

17027 17028 17029 17030 17037 17038 17039 170400 17041 17043 17044 17047 17048 17049 170650 17071 17072 17076 17077 170780 17079 17080 17081 17083 17084 17085 17086 17087 17088 17094 170950 17096 17098 17110 17111 17112 17112 17113 17113 17120 17121 17176 17182 17184 17185 17186 17187 17343 17345 17346 17390 47305 47307 74308 W100FW 120 WD1200

17050 17051 17052 17053 17054 17055 17056 17057 17058 17059 17091 17092 17093 17340 17342

1535W 1545W EE100A EE100WD EE120A EE80A

1011P 1019P 1025A 1025P 1025W 1051A 1051P 1051W 1061N 1061P 1063N 1063P 1151A 1151P 1151W 1161N 1161P 1162N 1162P

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